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Golden view mall

Golden View Mall: is the name of the project.

About the project: Al-Horria Maalem Company established and developed one of the most important malls in the new capital, with the goal of providing the best services inside.

Golden View Mall is located near the Gold Souk in the New capital.

Area of the project: 3,463 square meters.

Golden View Mall in the new capital has the following unit types: shops, administrative offices, and medical units.

Space Units: The spaces start at 30 square meters.

Al Horria Maalem Real Estate Development Company is the real estate developer.

Payment methods: A down payment of 10% to 40% of the total unit price is required, with the remainder to be paid in instalments over a period of 6 to 12 years.

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Details About Golden View Mall New capital :

Starting a new project or expanding an existing business requires some of the ingredients that contribute to the project’s success and add many benefits, and this has already been done in Golden View Mall in the New capital, allowing business owners to enjoy units of varying price, space, and design.

The distinctive Golden View Mall, which occupies a large area and includes more than one different feature, including the location and diversity of units and facilities, is one of the major malls in the New capital, and this serves the customers’ work environment better.

This article contains a wealth of useful information about Golden View Mall’s New Capital.

Golden View Mall location

  • Everything new and developed should come to mind when you hear the phrase “New capital,” because it is one of the most important fourth-generation cities that the Egyptian administration has built in recent years and on which it has been working. Golden View Mall has a unique location in the New capital, overlooking two corners. And close to a number of important locations in the capital.
  • Here are some of the many places nearby and within walking distance of the mall:
  • The Egypt Mosque, the new monorail station, and the Gold Souk are all easily accessible from Golden View Mall.
  • A few minutes are thought to separate Golden View Mall from the renowned Al-Massa Hotel.
  • In the Golden View New Capital Mall, it is also not far from the project to Green River Park.
  • The Parliament building and the government district are both extremely close to Golden View Mall.
  • Additionally, several projects, including Point Mall and Sol Plaza, are situated close to Golden View Mall.
  • Additionally, it is not distant from the new capital’s major residential areas.
  • The location of Golden View Mall is unusual and unique and offers it more than one significant benefit thanks to all these significant locations and others.

Architectural design for Golden View Mall in the New Capital:

It’s important to note that Golden View has a distinctive architectural style. The best designs for Golden View mall were created using the services of the biggest engineering consultancy firm, Archrete Consulting, which gives the business owners a very comfortable environment inside.

Given that the firm that built Golden View New Capital Mall is one of the leading players in the industry and that it hired KAD to help manage and operate the mall to its full potential, it is not surprising that it would create a model of the building in this manner.

With a lovely green area that adds more comfort and breadth to the views in Golden View, the development of green spaces in the new capital significantly changed the region around the mall, enabling you to work in a healthy environment free from noise and pollution.

This division, which consists of the ground floor plus 10 succeeding stores and includes a variety of units including commercial, administrative, and medical, is the one on which Golden View is being constructed. There is also an entertainment district with eateries, cafes, and other establishments.

Features of Golden View New Capital:

The New capital’s massive building known as Golden View Mall has a variety of characteristics that business owners want, and having one of these facilities for your project can help you achieve your goals and more. Among these benefits are the following:

The mall has commercial, administrative, and medical units inside Golden View due to the large variety of units available in the area.

Its strategic location in the new capital and its closeness to a number of important locations, including the Green River Park and the city’s official and residential neighborhoods, make it a desirable place to live.

A large green space surrounds Golden View, giving it a significant aesthetic shape and adding to your comfort while there.

a unique architectural style that helps you acquire the apartment you want with contemporary and genuinely unique designs.

Additionally, the location’s infrastructure makes a significant difference in how well clients utilize all of Golden View Mall’s offerings.

The location offers a wide range of services in addition to many leisure spaces.

The Golden Mall was constructed in accordance with the highest levels of security and safety.


Amenities at Golden View New Capital Mall:

As for the services offered in Golden View Mall, they are numerous and diverse, allowing you to quickly find anything you need there. Additionally, there are multiple facilities available that make it easier for the owners of the various projects in the mall to work on their projects. The following are some of the services offered in Golden View Mall:

There is a part of the Golden View New Capital Mall devoted to eateries and cafes that serve specialized cuisine.

Additionally, the mall features a sizable parking in the basement that spans three stories and primarily serves to lessen traffic in front of Golden View Mall.

The workplace is made easier for you because the project is one of the handful that extensively relies on technology.

Golden View also has quick internet, which benefits the area more.

In Golden View, a drive-through is available so that customers won’t have to wait too long.

Golden View New Capital’s glass facades give the buildings a beautiful appearance and increase the units’ space.

In addition to automatic teller machines, the location contains electrical generators, a fire suppression system, and central air conditioning.

Golden View Mall Spaces and Unit Types:

The Golden View Mall in Ain Sokhna, which was one of the significant projects on which Al-Horria Maalem Real Estate worked, was the company’s first building project in the New capital. The 3,463 square meters of the Golden View Project are evenly distributed among the various units, and because to its distinctive design, every apartment has a breathtaking view of the mall’s surrounding green space.

The Golden View Mall has 11 floors (the first floor plus the next 10 floors), with the ground and first floors serving as apartments and retail spaces, restaurants and cafes on the second floor, medical offices on the third and fourth floors, and administrative offices on the fifth through tenth floors. The three floors below ground serve as a sizable garage.

The following are just a few of the unique unit types and space options offered by Golden View to accommodate investors and businesspeople with various tastes and needs:

The Golden View New Capital Mall’s spaces start at 30 square meters.

On the second story, restaurant space starts at 30 square meters as well.

Regarding the 36 square meter sections of the medical units on the third and fourth levels of Golden View New Capital Mall.

The space starts at 36 square meters for the administrative units on the top floors.

All of these units are offered in Golden View Mall with a range of areas so you can pick the one that best meets your needs and enjoy working in the new capital while taking advantage of its many benefits.

Golden View New Capital’s payment methods:

Al-Horria Maalem Real Estate Company provides all the benefits you need in your line of business so that you can receive everything you need and operate in a setting that is integrated, which significantly aids in the growth of your project.

The following are a few benefits of the suggested payment systems:

Customers of Golden View can put down 10% of the cost of the unit, with the balance to be paid in six payments.

Alternatively, he can pay 15% of the whole unit value up front and the remaining amount over a period of 7.5 years.

20% of the unit’s worth will be paid up front, with the remaining balance spread out over 9 years.

Additionally, if he pays 30% of the entire unit price, the remaining amount will be paid in instalments over a 10-year period.

The remaining balance will be paid over 12 years if the buyer pays 40% of the unit price.

The Freedom Company further provides the following limited-time special offers:

The customer has the option to pay 30% of the unit’s total cost up front and the remaining balance over the course of three full years, with the first instalment due upon delivery.

Customers of Golden View can pay 40% of the unit price up front and the remaining amount over 4 years or in payments after receiving the unit.

A 12.5% discount is offered on the winch, and the investor can pay 50% of the unit price now and the remaining amount over the course of 5 years.

Additionally, Al-Horria Maalem Company did not stop at these proposals and also made the following offers for Al-Da’ash Cash:

Customers of Golden View can purchase the unit for a 30% cash advance, from which 20% will be subtracted in addition to the 10% launch discount.

The buyer will receive a 25% discount in addition to a 10% discount for the launch if they pay 50% of the unit price in advance.

He can receive 30% in addition to the 10% discount for the meal if he pays 50% of the unit price in cash up front.

Golden View developer and previous business:

One of the notable firms in the Egyptian real estate market is Al Horria Maalem Real Estate Company, which stands out for being one of the firms with a significant number of urban projects in several Egyptian governorates, including Cairo, Alexandria, and Sharqi.

The fact that this business is regarded as an alliance of two businesses, Al-Horria Maalem, and that both businesses are among the big ones that have had a lot of success over the years gives them a significant edge and has helped them rank among the finest businesses in the past.

And it is once again introducing us to one of the fantastic new developments, in particular the renowned Golden View Mall in the New capital, which offers a variety of services and will enhance what customers experience there.

As the owner of another project, the Two Towers, the new capital, the mall has more than one feature and a specific geographic location within the capital. As a result, it has given us access to one of the most significant commercial centers in the capital that offers multiple services as well as a unique feature.


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