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Capital Hub Mall New Capital

One of the most significant new cities in the state is New Capital. The owner company has specifically chosen this location to build Capital Hub Mall New Capital, one of its most significant large engineering works. New Capital has all the necessary components for success and the main and recreational services for its residents.

Capital Hub Mall is a mall dedicated to commercial, administrative, and medical units, and all amenities support this company. It is distinguished by a broad range of distinctive features and services that cooperate to provide a suitable environment for the construction of your project of any sort.

Capital Hub was built in a unique location in the centre of New Capital, and this location stands out for being close to a significant number of important facilities. This proximity increases investment opportunities in the Capital Hub project and many other components of progress and success that the executing company sought to provide inside it, so reserve your unit now and get the best commercial, administrative, or medical unit available.

One of the most crucial components of New Capital’s success is the presence of Capital Hub Project, as it is a highly strategic location with a variety of features and services that directly serve the projects inside it.

Capital Hub Mall is situated directly on the central axis, making it close to a number of different important locations and facilities, such as:

  • Capital Hub Mall New Capital overlooks the famous Green River Park.
  • Capital Hub Mall is also located near the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ and Al-Fattah Al-Aleem Mosque.
  • Capital Hub is a short distance from the famous Al-Massa Hotel and the Opera House.
  • Capital Hub project is a few minutes away from some important neighborhoods, including the investment
  • neighborhood, the government neighborhood, and the diplomatic neighborhood.
  • Capital Hub Mall New Capital is also close to Expo City and the medical city.
  • Capital Hub is also near the Mohammed Bin Zayed axis, which is one of the most important hubs of New Capital.

Unique Architectural Design Enjoyed By Capital Hub:

The Capital Hub project has a unique engineering layout because it was constructed on a sizable plot of land and divided into numerous floors to house a variety of administrative, commercial, and medical departments.

Capital Hub Mall is distinguished by its imitation of European architecture, which includes glass facades that give the area a feeling of spaciousness and a lovely green area that adds to the area’s tranquility and gives business owners a place to work away from noise and pollution.

Learn With Us About The Features And Services Of Capital Hub Mall New Capital:

  • The success of the various projects inside Capital Hub is ensured by its advantageous location on the Mohammed Bin Zayed axis, which allows for easy access from all areas of New Capital. It is also close to a number of different facilities and residential areas, meaning it is surrounded by a dense population.
  • The Capital Hub Mall features an eye-catching architectural style with unique details, highly distinctive glass facades that give the various units a tremendous extension, and other lovely embellishments that set the project apart from other malls.
  • One of the most crucial aspects of the Capital Hub project is the division of the spaces because the design of the area took into account the fact that the spaces of the units inside the Capital Hub Mall vary, providing a great opportunity for investors and businesspeople to select what best suits their project.
  • Inside Capital Hub Mall New Capital, Capital Hub has a distinctive shape thanks to a sizable aquarium on the first floor and three smaller ones on the higher floors. It also features a distinctive entertainment area.
  • Construction of a unique artificial fountain in front of Capital Hub Mall, which provides a beautiful visual perspective of the project.
  • Establishing a number of eateries and cafes in Capital Hub Mall New Capital with unique designs that provide you with a place to relax during your day.
  • New Capital Capital Hub Mall providing a large number of electric elevators that make it easier to navigate between the various floors, and the location has several entrances so that there is never a line up in front of one gate.
  • The Capital Hub Mall New Capital is connected by a big central air conditioning system.
  • The presence of a sizable garage in the area, which can hold a lot of vehicles, lessens congestion in front of Capital Hub Mall New Capital.
  • To ensure the security and protection of visitors to Capital Hub, an integrated security system with numerous contemporary surveillance cameras that monitor all movements inside Capital Hub Mall New Capital is in place.

Various Spaces at Attractive Prices and Convenient Payment Systems:

Capital Hub New Capital also contains different units, which are “commercial, administrative, and medical units.” Capital Hub Mall was built on a space of 30,000 square meters, which is equivalent to 7 full acres, and it is a large space that has been wonderfully designed to include different divisions and spaces that suit all customers. We will learn the following about the many specifics relating to spaces, rates, and payment systems: It has many distinct elements that assist business owners in managing their projects better and raising the caliber of work throughout the entire Capital Hub Mall.

  • Commercial units in Capital Hub project: average spaces start from 50 square meters up to 129 square meters
  • Medical units inside Capital Hub : range from 56 square meters to 148 square meters
  • Payment plan: 10% of the total value of the unit is paid, and the rest is paid over 6 full years.
  • There is also a 10% maintenance deposit.
  • The units will be delivered in 2022

The Real Estate Developer of Capital Hub Mall:

Safwa Urban Development (SUD) is one of Egypt’s top property developers. Since its founding in 1996, it has made a concerted effort to improve the caliber of numerous engineering projects.

Safwa Urban Development (SUD) strives to offer everything new in the fields of architectural construction and constructing residential complexes, and it includes a variety of cutting-edge technologies in its projects that make the lives of its clients easier and increase their comfort and well-being.

The company has extensive experience in real estate development and has built a variety of residential complexes, malls of all types, and distinctive tourist villages due to its involvement in the Egyptian market for more than 25 years. Here are some of those unique businesses:

  • Capital Heights 1 & 2.
  • Capital Hub Mall.
  • Capital hub 2 mall new capital
  • The Pearl New Mansoura Compound.
  • Financial Hub Mall New Capital
  • High City Compound.
  • High City Mall.
  • Sunset 1 & 2 & 3.
  • Sunset Mall.
  • Al Safwa Elegance Tower.
  • Trade Center.
  • Al Safwa International School
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