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Mega Mall  New Capital is the largest Mega mall in the New Capital for the Pyramids Real Estate Company, which is well-known for its partnership with the Land Authority of the Armed Forces. With a prime location right at the New Capital’s entrance, it is an integrated mall in the truest sense of the word that includes all types of investment activities. With different payment methods, Mega Mall rates that match the size of the enormous Pyramids City

Where is the construction of Pyramids City?

The Mega Mall, the greatest investment structure, stands out for its advantageous position. It is situated on the two most significant axes in the capital, the northern and southern axes of Bin Zayed, which are known as the arteries of the New Capital, right at the entrance of the New Capital.

Places around the mall:

  • As it travels from Kattameya Sokhna to Ismailia, the middle ring road straight passes by Mega Mall, the New Capital.
  • Al Masa Hotel and La Vista Compound in the capital are close to Pyramids City.
  • Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque is 10 minutes away from Mega Mall, the New Administrative Capital.
  • The Middle Ring Road and the southern Bin Zayed Street can both be used to access Mega Mall from the Golden Square in the Fifth Settlement.

All of the mall’s buildings deal with fourth-generation cities and technology of the time, and a Skyline is available to let in sunlight and natural lighting for the convenience of customers. Additionally, the mall is surrounded by a variety of parks and gardens on large areas next to a dancing fountain and other pieces of landscaping.

The Mega Mall project is the biggest building in terms of Commerce, Medicine, Government, Tourism, Entertainment, and Investment. Regarding the project’s interior designs, the mall is created from the inside out in a multicultural style for the first time in Egypt. To ensure complete privacy for all businesses, each building in the mall has its own entrance and facilities, keeping in mind worldwide standards of safety and protection. You will find, for instance, several structures designed in the Pharaonic, Western, Islamic, and Indian styles.

Mega Pyramids Mall’s buildings include soundproof layers to prevent disturbing the staff. A rest room, cafe, yoga and gym space, a meditation area, a PlayStation, football, tennis, and other amenities provided by this project were all located on the rooftops of the towers as the employees’ amusement area.

The Mega Mall New Capital project was built on a very large area of about 140 acres to accommodate all of the services and units it offers. As a result, the mall has internal transportation that makes it easy to move between the many mall buildings.

Variety differs depending on each investing activity

How to pay installments in Mega Mall, the New Capital:

  • There are numerous solutions available for Mega Mall unit reservations. To accommodate all of its customers, Pyramids has offered Mega Mall units in payments over a number of years. Here, we’ll outline the company’s payment options and infrastructure for you:
  • 5% down, 5% after three months, and the remaining amount can be paid off over eight years in irregular instalments.
  • 10% down payment and the remainder paid in irregular instalments over a 10-year period.
  • Payment methods at a mega mall with an annual investment return:
  • 40% down payment, 16% annual investment return, 8% upon receipt, and the remaining balance paid in instalments over the course of 8 years.
  • The upkeep down payment is 8%.

Services and privileges of the Mega Mall project:

The units in Mega Mall that are up for sale are special in that they come with a superb selection of exceptional services and facilities that will ensure your investment idea will likely succeed.

Here are some of the most significant ones:

  • For the first time in Egypt, a restaurant hanging at a height of around 40 metres offers a view over the mall’s interior square and the middle ring road.
  • Next to Jungle Plaza, there are open areas, beautiful scenery, and dancing fountains, all of which offer a fantastic perspective of the various retail units.
  • Additionally, the Pyramids City project is special in that it offers the first virtual world shopping experience using the new Meta technology.
  • Mega Mall New Capital has a sizable private aquarium that provides the top entertainment performances.
  • Purchasing a property at Mega Mall ensures that you will have access to exclusive entrances to each building, as well as electronic gates that make entry and leave easier.
  • Kids Area is unique because it blends teaching young children about careers and crafts with fun activities that help them hone their talents.
  • A professional racing lane for automobiles and bikes was inaugurated in Egypt’s Mega Mall.
  • The first Light Museum, which features artwork shown on all walls and floors as well as continually changing displays and lighting to coincide with holidays like Ramadan and Christmas, will also leave an impression on you.
  • Along with the Hologram Show, the Mega Mall proposal also includes a 14,000-square-meter amphitheatre.
  • A sizable private garage to house many cars is located in Mega Mall New Capital.
  • With a qualified security and guard system and 24-hour monitoring cameras, investing in Mega Mall will make you feel comfortable.
  • The mall offers smart lighting and temperature management as well as solar lighting services.
  • Electric elevators and panoramic elevators are used in the Mega Mall project to make it easier for customers to navigate between floors.
  • The mall offers internet access as well as a number of backup generators.
  • A pharmacy, ATMs, and banks are available at Mega Pyramids Mall.

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The Developer of Mega Mall New Capital:

One of the massive projects Pyramids Developments is offering in the New Capital is Mega Mall. This company, whose first branch was established in 1984 AD and whose investments total one billion and 200 million euros in Egypt, is run by businessman “Hisham El-Khouly” and his brother “Alaa Al-Khouli,” and it has been working with the Armed Forces Authority to implement most of the significant projects for a long time.

The previous work of Pyramids Developments:

  • La Capitale Suite Lagoons New Capital.
  • Pyramids Business Tower New Capital
  • Pyramids Mall New Capital
  • La Capitale Compound New Capital
  • Champs Elysees Mall, New Capital
  • Grand Square Mall New Capital
  • Paris Mall, New Capital
  • Paris East Mall New Capital
  • La Capital Mall New Capital
  • Lake Studios project, the New Capital
  • Sky City El Galala project


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