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Green Avenue Compound, The New Capital

New Jersey Corporation offers luxury apartments in a vital location. The Green Avenue New Capital project is a great way to get an apartment in this location. The apartments feature unique designs and are located in the best neighborhoods of the capital. Prices are very competitive

People who want to live in a nice and clean environment may like to live in a city like the New  Capital, Green Avenue. This city was built using modern technology, so it is easy to build and rebuild. It’s also close to some great parks and other attractions.

A project that contains many basic services and features in addition to entertainment options, in addition to acres of green spaces, in addition to a variety of waterways that make residents feel comfortable, in addition to luxury and comfort.

The developer has included many world-class designs throughout the compound, as well as different unit sizes to suit different clients’ needs. Prices are also very reasonable, and payment plans are flexible and can be extended over a long period of time.


The location of Green Avenue Compound, the New capital

The location of Green Avenue, the New Capital, is very important because it is located in the most prestigious neighborhoods of the New Administrative Capital.

The site is in a nice and quiet area with plenty of fresh air and easy access to main roads. The location also offers great amenities to its residents, such as being close to popular areas and having plenty of comfortable spaces.


The project is located near important roads.

The Presidential Palace is close to Green Avenue Compound
The Administrative Capital is located near some important neighborhoods such as the government district, the financial and business district, and the diplomatic district.
The mosque and the cathedral are very close to the library.
Near Green Avenue there is a famous hotel called Al Masa.
The project is close to some interesting places. Fairgrounds, opera house and gold market.
Green River Park overlooks an open view of the river.
The airport is close to where we are.
Green Avenue is located near some of the most prestigious universities in the world.

The area of Green Avenue Compound, the New capital

The area of ​​the Green Avenue New Capital project is 11.5 acres, and it uses 21% of the total construction area. The rest of the space is divided between landscaped gardens and units overlooking artificial lakes. Relax early in the morning and enjoy the sights and sounds of the fountains.

New Jersey Real Estate Company has established a new project called Green Avenue Compound. This project is characterized by beautiful modern buildings with a uniform geometric shape. All units in the project are decorated in calm colors that make them feel comfortable and elegant. The total number of buildings is 17 buildings, with a total of 490 housing units


Design of Green Avenue Compound, the New capital

The New Jersey company employed the best experts and architects to design Green Avenue Compound to meet the high expectations of customers with good taste. Unique and elegant designs, and the compound is located in the Green Avenue neighborhood.

The green space in Green Avenue Compound will occupy 79% of the total area. There are 490 apartments for sale in Green Avenue Compound, most of which will be used for living spaces.

The area of ​​the Green Avenue New Capital project is 11.5 acres, and the construction site occupies 21% of the total area. The rest of the land is divided between gardens, landscaping, and units overlooking the project’s artificial lakes.

New Jersey Real Estate Company has created a new modern complex with beautiful buildings with uniform geometry. The units are modern western in style and have all the features you would expect in a home. There are 17 buildings with a total of 490 units.

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Services and features of Green Avenue Compound, the New capital

New Jersey Real Estate Company provides a range of services that will help you buy a house in Green Avenue Compound, the New Capital. These services will help you become self-sufficient and ensure the safety and comfort of your home.

• The health club contains a lot of services that can help you escape from stress, such as the spa, sauna and jacuzzi. These services allow you to relax and have a great time.
• There is a sports club with a group of playgrounds where athletes can practice their favorite sports.
• The gym is a place where you can practice your sports skills with the latest sports equipment.
• The mall is a big place where you can find a lot of different shops and stores. You don’t have to leave the mall anymore because you can find everything you need here.
• You can enjoy delicious food in an elegant atmosphere in a restaurant or cafe that offers its services in a hotel-like atmosphere.
• An area has been designated for children where they can enjoy fun activities that make them happy.
• The company that established Green Avenue is also interested in providing excellent educational and recreational services for your child. In addition, they have set up a nursery school that helps your child qualify for a quality education and provides many fun activities to enjoy.
• The company is famous in New Jersey for its development and excellence, so different places have been set up in the company for people who love reading and those with special talents, such as artists.
• Swimming pools can vary depending on the age group you belong to. For example, there are adult pools and children’s pools, each with a designated area for ladies.
• New Capital Green Avenue is a very safe place. The security system is very advanced, with security personnel throughout the complex and cameras everywhere to help keep you safe.
• Medical clinics have different specialties and use the best doctors in each specialty to provide medical services if necessary.
• There are a number of pharmacies in the complex that will help you get the medical care you need.
• The cinema is a place where you can watch films from all over the world and from Arab countries.

Payment systems in Green Avenue Compound, the New capital

Some people have paid their entire premium at once, while others have paid it over time. There were also different payment plans that allowed you to own the unit sooner.

You can pay a 5% downpayment of the total unit price, and then pay the rest over 7 years.

You can pay only 10% of the total cost in advance, and the rest of the cost will be paid over 8 years.


The real estate developer of Green Avenue Compound, the New capital

New Jersey is a particularly good company at real estate development. It owns and implements the Green Avenue project, which is a very successful example of urban development. The company always strives to achieve the highest levels of success in its various fields of work, and its projects have been known for their exceptional features.
The urban development company cooperated with many companies to gain a lot of experience in the field of urban development technology. Their projects are distinguished by unique and new designs, and they include a large group of highly experienced workers, engineers and consultants.
The New Jersey company cares about its clients and investors, and this is evident in its past and current projects. This increases the likelihood of his success in the future

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• Jura Galala village in Ain Sukhna
• Genesis Tower, the administrative capital

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