Apartment 117m in Atica Compound the Administrative Capital

3 Rooms 3 Baths 117 M²
Apartment 117m in Atica Compound the Administrative Capital
Unit details
Number of rooms 3
Number of bathrooms 3
Space 117

Apartment 117m in Atica Compound, the Administrative Capital

Compound Attica, the administrative capital

Apartment 117m in Atica Compound the Administrative Capital, New Plan always dazzles its clients with its new projects. It built “Serrano” compound, which achieved great success, so it is working on another project, the Administrative Capital.

This project includes many beautiful and luxurious apartments in the capital. You can choose the size and design you like, with a beautiful finish.

The Attica project is located in the residential neighborhood R7. It is located near the “Midtown Sky” and “Serrano” compounds, which are new administrative capitals.

Attica is a new project in the heart of the New Administrative Capital. It includes a variety of luxurious apartments of different sizes, all with beautiful designs. The developer takes great care to ensure that everyone who lives there enjoys a comfortable and luxurious life free from the problems of crowding and congestion in other cities.

Attica Compound is a really special place because all the units are designed in the Greek style, which is a mixture of simplicity and sophistication. There are six apartments here.

In Attica, there are a lot of buildings with apartments on the ground floor and on the second floor. Some of the apartments have two bedrooms while others have three bedrooms. Some apartments also have a private garden and swimming pool.

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The location of Atika Compound, the administrative capital

Attica Compound is located in a good location in the New Administrative Capital, so New Plan always makes good decisions about where to build projects. It is located in the seventh residential neighborhood, R7, near Serrano Compound from the same company, and next to Midtown Sky Compound.

The compound is located near important roads and landmarks. It is also near the middle ring road.

This project will provide a private place for the resident to live where everything he needs is close by, without having to travel far.

Details of an apartment Apartment 117m in Atica Compound the Administrative Capital

Property type: apartment
Area: 117 m
Number of rooms: 3
Number of bathrooms: 3
Services and features of Atika Compound, the administrative capital

Attica Compound services

  • Attica Compound includes a garage
  • And many restaurants, cafes, and entertainment areas for children and adults
  • An external main street and an internal main street with a width of 134 meters, a shopping mall with all international brands, and 24-
  • hour strict security.
  • It also contains a spa, gym, health club, social and sports club, and many internal streets to connect all parts of the compound.
  • The compound is located near vital places, which makes it a desirable location.
  • The project is located near the government district, in addition to that it will become the headquarters of the main government agencies later.
  • It is also located near the financial and commercial district, as well as the Stock Exchange.
  • The compound is also located close to one of the most luxurious neighborhoods in the New Administrative Capital, the Diplomatic Quarter.
  • This means that the client will always be able to access the vital areas within the New Administrative Capital, which makes it convenient for him.


The real estate developer, Attica Compound, the administrative capital

The company that owns the property is New Plan Real Estate Company. It is one of the most famous real estate companies in the world, and this project is the company’s second project – it was very successful with its first project, Serrano.

The company has a lot of money invested in other areas, but it has started to get involved in the real estate market recently.

New Plan Real Estate Company has been working on previous projects before. This has helped them learn about different aspects of the business and they are now more willing to take on new projects.

The Home Hotel project in Sharm El Sheikh is a large hotel with many luxurious rooms. The Serrano project is the administrative capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Ministry of Health building in Riyadh.

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