Apartment 220m for Sale Town Gate New Capital

3 Rooms 3 Baths 220 M²
Apartment 220m for Sale Town Gate New Capital
Unit details
floor 1
Number of rooms 3
Number of bathrooms 3
Payment systems 20% down payment and installments up to 6 years without interest
Finishing type Semi finished
Space 220
Payment method Cash or Installments

Apartment 220m for Sale Town Gate New Capital

Town Gate Compound New Capital

Apartment 220m for Sale Town Gate New Capital The Town Gate Compound project is being built by a company called Smart View Real Estate Development. It is located in the R7 area, next to Al Sefarat District and Al Mehwar Al Markazi. Prices for apartments for sale in this area are very competitive.

Location of Town Gate New Capital:

Town Gate Compound is located in the New Capital, near many important landmarks.
The Town Gate New Capital project is located next to Al Sefarat District and the Central Axis in J2
The founding company wanted to choose the ideal location for its project. The street is 80 meters wide, making it an important site.

Apartment 220m for Sale Town Gate New Capital

Details of Apartment 220m for Sale Town Gate New Capital

  • Apartment area for sale: 220m
  • Number of rooms: 3
  • Number of bathrooms: 3
  • Floor: First
  • Finishing type: semi-finished
  • Payment method: cash or installments

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Payment systems in Town Gate Compound New Capital:

If you want to invest in an apartment in Town Gate Compound, you can pay it in installments over six years. You do not need to make a down payment, and if you decide to buy the apartment, you do not need to pay the full price at once.

The area of ​​apartments for sale in Town Gate Compound New Capital:

The Town Gate project was built on an area of 21 acres, which was divided into 19% of the buildings and 81% of the wonderful gardens and lakes and excellent services. This means that the residents of the compound will enjoy twice the number of services and gardens compared to the number of construction buildings.

The unit spaces in Town Gate New Capital, have been divided as follows:

There are different types of Apartments Available in Town Gate Compound.

  • Some of them have a garden area, there are also two apartments with two separate rooms.
  • Finally there are duplex apartments of 280 sqm and 320 sqm.
  • In Town Gate New Capital, there are many recreational services that have been built, including a
  • swimming pool, a barbecue area, a large living balcony, and a bathroom. You can benefit from
  • these services when you live in one of the project’s apartments.

Features of Town Gate Compound New Capital:

There are many advantages within the Town Gate Compound New Capital, as follows:

  • The spa offers a beautiful green space where people can relax and feel calm and relaxed.
  • It also has a gym and spa for people who want to exercise, so that they can keep themselves healthy and fit.
  • The nursery has many common features in modern and sophisticated environments.
  • It has a commercial area, which means there are businesses that you can visit to buy the things you need.
  • It also has a high level of services, restaurants, and cafes, which means that you can enjoy great food and drinks while you are there. Finally, in the nursery there is a shopping center with many
  • shops from all over the world, which means that you can find exactly what you need.
  • The Town Gate Compound is where the government offices are located.
  • There is also a golf cart to help you get around.
  • It also takes care of the health of the population by keeping track of people who are active in sports and providing them with facilities and services.
  • It is located in the heart of the capital, so it is an important place for people to visit.
  • A hospital is a place where people can go to get medical help. It has doctors who are the best in the country.
  • It also has a large mosque.
  • The Town Gate Compound operates with a solar energy system.
  • The spa has secure parking and security guards who monitor the premises 24/7. This makes customers feel safe and secure.

The real estate developer of Town Gate Compound New capital:

Smart View Development Company is a company specialized in real estate development in Egypt and the Arab world. They have a long history of investment and development, and are currently working on a project called Town Gate Compound with Dar Al Tamayuz Real Estate Investment and Development Company. This project includes the construction of several residential complexes and a commercial center.

Previous works of Smart View Real Estate Development Company:

  • Didi Mall, First Settlement.
  • Air Force House Salah Salem.
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