Apartment 311m for sale El Jawhara Compound New Capital

3 Rooms 2 Baths 311م M²
Apartment 311m for sale El Jawhara Compound New Capital
Unit details
floor Ground
Number of rooms 3
Number of bathrooms 2
Finishing type fully finished and furnished
Space 311م
Payment method Cash or Installments

Apartment 311m for sale El Jawhara Compound New Capital

Apartment 311m for sale El Jawhara Compound New Capital, El Jawhara is considered one of the leading real estate investment and development companies in Egypt and the Middle East, as it provides distinguished architectural and real estate services. The new capital is the largest construction project in Egypt. There are many diverse projects all over the city. With the aim of creating a new urban renaissance that promotes foreign investment and the Egyptian economy, work is underway to build large projects and housing units to give residents housing options. The most prominent of which is the Al-Jawhara complex, the new center, among the projects that we have highlighted in our article

El jawhara Compound New Capital

El Jawhara New Capital Compound is one of the largest commercial and real estate projects currently under construction. The compound is characterized by the presence of a variety of housing, including apartments, villas, retail establishments, and other luxurious services that meet the needs of the residents. Regarding the design of the compound, it includes the best urban engineering planning that meets all interests, giving it the latest style and finishing.

The location of Al-Jawhara Compound New Capital:

El Jawhara Compound, the location of the New Capital, is strategically located and bordered by many important projects in the New Capital. The compound is located along the Green River, which runs through the city center from north to south and is theoretically connected to the Nile River.

Design and space of El Jawhara New Capital Compound:

El Jawhara Compound was built with utmost luxury and sophistication by the famous commercial construction company “Gama”. To attract customers and investors to the project, the compound was built in the form of shops with good commercial interaction. The compound is divided into residential buildings with exquisite and contemporary designs, in addition to large multi-storey buildings with commercial facilities.

There are many residential buildings on the site, along with large shopping malls catering to different demographics and preferences. With its close proximity to the Icon Tower and the Grand Mosque of Egypt in the capital, the project is home to a variety of attractions and facilities.

Al-Amal axis, the southern and northern axis of Bin Zayed, and the central ring road. In addition to the nearby Catalan and La Vista complexes, as well as El Bosco, Senorio and Boca complexes.

Details of an apartment for sale in El Jawhara Compound:

  • Property type: apartment
  • Area (m2): 311 m
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Number of bathrooms: 2
  • Floor: ground
  • Finishing type: fully finished and furnished

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Services and Facilities of El Jawhara New Capital:

In terms of the services available within the Al Jawhara New Capital project, they are available in different styles and the best and most important services.

  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Sports clubs and gyms
  • Trails for walking, running and cycling
  • Gardens, parks and landscapes
  • Pharmacies and medical centers
  • Hospitals, nurseries and schools
  • Parking and public services
  • First aid and fire station

Prices of El Jawhara New Capital Compound :

As for the prices of residential units and shops in the price list, it has not been announced. However, the owner company intends to set affordable prices for everyone, and despite the efforts made in the project, it presents and presents the best residential architectural project in the New Capital.

Payment systems in Al Jawhara New Capital Compound:

When the construction was announced and implementation started, a lot of research was done about the price of the housing units and the payment method. However, the residential units will not be announced or booked yet due to the fact that a large percentage of the project is yet to be completed. In the event that most of the buildings and services are implemented, they will be announced upon completion.

Features of Al Jawhara Compound, the New Capital:

Al Jawhara New Capital Compound is located in the most prestigious areas of the capital, most of which are residential projects close to main roads. In terms of design and spaces, it is very wonderful and beautiful, as for the services available to meet the needs of the residents and close to the compound. This is due to the design of the distinguished project by Gama Company, which has great fame and reputation in the field of real estate

  • A geographical location with a strategic location.
  • It is distinguished by its proximity to a wide range of well-known projects.
  • It features modern and wonderful designs, especially in the residential units.
  • The spaces of the residential units vary to suit everyone.
  • Providing many services that meet the needs of the population.
  • Providing luxurious services of comfort, tranquility and security.

The real estate developer of Al Jawhara Compound New Capital:

Gama Real Esate is a real estate developer of Al Jawhara New Capital It is known that every real estate or commercial project has a developer company that implements the project and designs it according to the type of activity. The real estate company must be chosen accurately so that it can design and implement the project with the best vision and the latest development, and the responsibility of Al-Jawhara New Capital Company rests with Gama Company, as it is considered the company that owns the project, which has fame and reputation in the field of trade and contracting.

Gama Company was established in 1991 and started its work with specialists and consulting engineers in the field of real estate, building and construction, which made it one of the most important real estate companies. It is characterized by a special style in the field of construction and designs, especially compounds and huge real estate projects, such as El Jawhara Compound, the New Capital.

One of the most prominent works of Gamma Company:

  • Its participation in the establishment of the Technology City in Beni Suef Governorate
  • Implementation of the Badr transformer station project.
  • Implementation of the fourth line of the largest cement factories for the armed forces.
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