Apartment for sale in Catalan Compound

3 Rooms 3 Baths 185 M²
Apartment for sale in Catalan Compound
Unit details
Number of rooms 3
Number of bathrooms 3
Space 185

:Apartment in Catalan Compound New Capital for sale

Apartment for sale in Catalan Compound

For customers seeking very distinctive services near to the New Capital’s core locations, this project, which is being carried out by Gates Developments, is a fantastic choice

Due to its designation as an integrated residential complex with upmarket Spanish designs, it stands apart from the other developments in the Capital

The 40-acre property, which is located in the R7 region, is convenient to all the places and facilities you need. Several routes, notably the regional ring road, lead to the site

It provides you a wonderful atmosphere of leisure, peace, and seclusion since it has all the necessary services distributed correctly to the project so that it is accessible to everyone

Particular attention was made throughout the building’s construction to the apartments’ views of the surrounding greenery, magnificent lakes, and swimming pools, which resulted in a stunning mural that exuded a soothing, relaxing ambiance. The layout of the units of various sorts and areas showed this clearly. Its design was characterised by elegance with a dash of refinement and simplicity

:Property details

Property Type: Apartment

Compound: Catalan

Price Starting : 1,839,000

Area (m²):185

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms details: 3

:Prices and payment systems in the Compound Catalan New Capital

Where the prices of units in the Compound Catalan, the New Capital, vary according to the unit area and type. But the price per square meter in this project will remain the best ever, and it is one of the most important attractions for this project. Where prices start from 1,600,000 EGP. You can pay a down payment of 10% of the unit price of the Compound. Catalan New Capital, and pay the rest in equal installments for a period of 7 years

services in Catalan New Capital

  • Gates has been happy to make Catalan New Capital’s wide range of services available to customers so they may meet their demands and find whatever it is they are looking for. Some of the most important services are as follows

  • For lovers of fitness and body care, large gymnasiums have been created for you in Catalan Project, with a group of trainers at the highest level, and modern sports equipment.
  • For the care and health of you and your family, we have provided major clinics in all specialties within the compound, with a number of highly qualified doctors, which are available throughout the day.
  • For maintenance services within the compound, centers with a team of technicians have been provided in order to treat any sudden malfunction.
  • A Clubhouse inside the compound has all the varied and enormous services that you will only find in Catalan.
  • For lovers of walking, running, and cycling, long paths have been paved away from the motorway, amidst the wonderful green grass for enjoyment.
  • Catalan Project includes a large international school with a group of teachers of the highest level of education.
  • Major pharmacies inside the compound yard provide you with all the medical and therapeutic services you need and operate 24 hours a day.
  • A mosque inside the project with sufficient space for a large number of worshipers to perform religious rites, and is designed in the ancient Islamic style.
  • For the convenience of you and your family, elevators have been provided within the units in order to go up and down without trouble, and periodic maintenance is done for them.
  • Great restaurants in a dedicated area that offer the finest multi-cuisine, in addition to world-class designed cafes that provide you with types of wonderful drinks.
  • For fans of football and tennis, large stadiums have been provided for tournaments and competitions.
  • For unique shopping, a large mall has been provided with a number of various shops in which all brands and international brands are located, which suit all high tastes.
  • A social club within the project is a distinguished meeting place for friends and big families, and it has all the services available to you and all of its visitors.
  • The project is environmentally friendly as all units operate on the solar system, which greatly saves electricity consumption.
  • A large central satellite to distribute all satellite channels to all units.
  • Catalan New Capital has huge power generators that turn on automatically when the electricity is suddenly cut off.

Catalan Compound in the New Capital’s Design:

Gates Development made sure that each unit in the Catalan project has a unique perspective of the parks and man-made lakes while designing the design of Catalan the New Administrative Capital. This helps the compound’s occupants feel comfortable psychologically.

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The most important features of Catalan New Capital

  • For outdoor recreation and complete freedom of strolling, spacious gardens and parks have been created for more relaxation, with seating facilities for comfort and tranquility.
  • The units within the project work with the wonderful smart system that is based on sensing and control and a special application have been allocated to the residents of the units in order to help them and provide them with comfort.
  • Wide areas of water bodies that are spread in the compound square, including artificial lakes, water fountains, and wonderful waterfalls, with the sound of its freshwater that calms the nerves.
  • For relaxation, a large health club with Jacuzzi and sauna halls, a Spa House for body care, and a salt cave for positive energy were provided for the residents of the project.

The Developer of the Catalan Compound

Gates Developments, the executing business, has up to 25 years of expertise in real estate development due to its management of the Wadi Factory and Beni Suef Factory, which produce steel and military equipment. As a new division of the 1995-founded parent firm, Gates Company, Gates Developments was launched in 2018.

The Audaz Mall New Capital, West Gate 6 October, Plaza Espana Mall, and Catalan Mall New Capital Egypt Mall are a few more notable residential development projects and works that have made it stand out. Because it offers everything new and unique in the real estate sector through its previous and continuing initiatives, the firm is always working to gain the confidence of its customers

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