Apartment for sale in Compound Al Maqsad New Capital

2 Rooms
Apartment for sale in Compound Al Maqsad New Capital
Unit details
Number of rooms 2
Payment systems 10 % down payment and installments up to 10 years without interest
Finishing type fully finished
Payment method Cash or Installments

Apartment for sale in Compound Al Maqsad New Capital

Al Maqsad Compound New Capital

Details About AL Maqsad New Capital:

Apartment for sale in Compound Al Maqsad New Capital, The idea of AlMaqsad New Capital was developed because many prospective homeowners would prefer to leave a developer’s office with a key than with a brochure and floor plans. The first residential complex to provide newly constructed, fully finished homes that will be delivered in 6 to 12 months.

The name of this remarkable breakthrough is derived from the complex Arabic word “المقصد” which can represent a genuine meaning’s objective, ultimate goal, or source.

AlMaqsad New Capital takes pride in its incredibly convenient location, distinctive architectural designs, exterior/interior finishes, and, most importantly, in keeping its promises. Homeowners can begin thinking about how they will furnish their new home without having to picture it first. There are none. For those who want to be among the first to live in Egypt’s New Capital, AlMaqsad is the first residence, with a philosophy of novelty, modernization, and comfort.

Apartment for sale in Compound Al Maqsad New Capital:

The description of the unit:

  • Number of rooms: 2
  • Payment system: 10% down payment and installments over 10 years
  • Finishing system: fully finished
  • Price: starts from 2,300,000

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Services of Al Maqsad compound :

  • Swimming pools
  • expansive green spaces
  • man-made lakes
  • foreign schools
  • a mosque
  • a church
  • fitness club
  • sports fields are just a few of the amenities available at Maqsad Residence.
  • Cycling lanes
  • Sector of community services and many uses
  • Playgrounds inside of buildings
  • Footpaths
  • separate entrance for each residential neighbourhood
  • Triple-play IP TV ports

 Why you should invest in new capital?

  • It is intended for the New Capital to serve as the location of the Parliament, the Presidency, important ministries, and embassies abroad. A sizable park and an international airport are also included in the idea. The project is located on a 170,000 acre plot of land.
  • Over time, the value of real estate rises.
  • It is common knowledge that once you purchase something, such as a car or a piece of technology, its worth begins to decline if you plan to sell it. Real estate works the other way around; its value rises over time. This implies that whatever you pay now will automatically and thoughtlessly multiply in the future.
  • It is a risk-free investment.
  • In contrast to other businesses, real estate is not much impacted by difficult times. Yes, it might be impacted, but the housing market is so durable and recovers so quickly.
  • Best initiatives and suggestions
  • The idea for the new capital is international and offers a wide variety of initiatives and investments. encompassing both public and commercial sector initiatives. Check out the list of developers we collaborate with.
  • For you, we did the job. Here, you can look at several projects inside the New Capital and perhaps make a decision. With a range of pricing and locations

The Developer of Al Maqsad New Capital:

The primary developer of this massive structure is City Edge Real Estate Company, one of the top firms in the industry that has gained the faith of its clients via its integrity and openness.

The compound’s location is notable for being close to the affluent areas of the city, such as the diplomatic district, government district, and financial and business sector.


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