Apartment for sale in De Joya Compound

Apartment for sale in De Joya Compound
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Apartment for sale in De Joya Compound

De Joya Compound

It is the fourth project of the Taj Misr Real Estate Development project in the New Capital. It provides luxury residential complexes. After the great success achieved by De Hoya Compound, it attracts lovers of high-end green housing, landscaping, and dreamy luxury living.

In addition to the compound’s services, it displays all the features, prices, and payment systems that the company has established to facilitate its customers.

De Joya Compound Location:

De Joya Compound is located on two streets with a width of 80 meters, overlooking the tourist paths and close to the most important sites of the capital. It is located in the heart of the New Capital, in the upscale neighborhood R8 of Block I5, near the New Capital. The location is distinguished by its proximity to the Diplomatic Quarter and the most important landmarks of the capital.

The areas near the location of an apartment for sale in De Joya Compound:

  • The Diplomatic Quarter and the Green River are also nearby.
  • The Mohammed Bin Zayed axis is located a short distance from the New  Capital, De Joya 2 Compound
  • The Cathedral, Opera House and Exhibition Hall are 10 minutes away from De Joya 2 Taj Misl.
  • The New Capital Airport is about 30 minutes away.
  • Near the Mohammed bin Zayed axis, the New Capital, De Joya 2 Compound, just around the corner.

Design of De Joya Compound:

De Joya Compound is an elegant and modern integrated residential project that extends over an area of 11 acres. Less than 19% of the total area of the project is used for construction, and the rest consists of green spaces, landscaping, and service areas, ensuring privacy and comfort for the residents.

The compound was built in two phases. The first phase consists of seven residential buildings, with the lowest load factor in the New Capital, ranging from only 6% to 15%. The apartment has a free balcony and the grounds are entirely on the sea.

Services and facilities of De Joya Compound, the new capital:

If you own a unit in De Joya, you can take advantage of a wide range of benefits and services offered throughout the complex, inside and outside your unit.

  • There is a large green area and landscaping in the building.
  • There is an aquarium for this project in De Hoya 2, the New Capital.
  • There are 3 swimming pools on the premises.
  • Walking, jogging and cycling trails are located a little further out of the way.
  • There is a private car park and garage in the basement of each building and a garden on the roof of the building.
  • Commercial buildings overlooking the tourist corridors and the Central Park, including commercial, administrative and medical facilities.
  • For sports lovers, there is an outdoor gym, jacuzzi, spa and sauna.
  • A special area for children to care and entertain.
  • There is an open club and an outdoor cinema.
  • The complex’s facilities include clinics, nursery schools, pharmacies, and international schools.

Details about an apartment for sale in De Joya, the New Capital:

Apartment area: 181 square meters
Number of rooms: 3 and a reception
Number of bathrooms: 3


  • Private garage
  • Balcony
  • kitchen

Payment system:

Payment plans: 10% down payment and installments up to 10 years

Advantages of an apartment for sale in De Joya, the New Capital:

  • fully furnished
  • security guard
  • Children’s pool
  • Balcony
  • Shared gym
  • study room
  • Closed rooms
  • Animals are allowed
  • Lake view
  • Overlooking major landmarks
  • Children’s playground
  • Barbecue area
  • Shared health club

Features of De Joya Compound:

And with all the amenities and services at your fingertips spread throughout the building, we offer a variety of services that will make you want to leave the building for no reason. Within the New Capital, De Joya 3, there are green spaces that provide unique views and complete privacy for you and your family.

  • Club house on 4 acres.
  • artificial lake.
  • Swimming pool.
  • There is also a surveillance camera.
  • Guard and security.
  • Electronic portal.
  • Track for running, walking and jogging.
  • Commercial area.
  • A hypermarket is also available in the project.
  • Social and health club.
  • Amusement facilities

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The developer of De Joya Compound:

Taj Misr Developments is responsible for developing De Joya 3 Compound, which is now known as the New Capital. This company is always striving to bring new and innovative ideas to the world, and their other projects are designed to help people grow and thrive.

The company worked with a group of experts in the field of infrastructure and architecture designs.

Projects of Taj Misr Real Estate Development Company:

Taj Misr Real Estate Company is a very successful company that has done many projects in Egypt and other Arab countries. These projects have made it very popular, and it has a good reputation in the real estate industry. Some of the most famous projects of Taj Misr are listed below. This explanation shows that Taj Misr is a very experienced and successful company, and that its projects have been well received by investors. It also explains why the company is well known and respected in the real estate community.

  • There are two main capitals in the country: De Joya Compound 1 and De Joya Compound 2. The new capital will be located in De Joya Compound 3. There are a few shopping malls in the country, including De Joya Mall 2 and Taj Tower Mall, the New Capital. .
  • De Joya 1 Mall is a new shopping mall in New Cairo. The General Intelligence Diyar Compound is a building in New Cairo owned by the Armed Forces. 23 buildings in the first residential area of the Capital are owned by the Armed Forces. Implementation of a commercial, residential, administrative tower in Al Falah Street, Mohandessin. Implementation of a commercial, administrative and residential tower in Al-Hijaz Street, Mohandessin. The Social Club for Workers is located in New Cairo. 15 residential towers owned by the Urban Communities Authority.

There are also projects for the company in the State of Qatar:

  • Panasonic tower construction.
  • Al-Attiyah Tower.
  • Hyundai’s Showroom
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