Shop for sale in Pyramids Mall New Capital

70m M²
Shop for sale in Pyramids Mall New Capital
Unit details
Payment systems 10% down payment and installments up to 10 years without interest
Space 70m

Pyramids Mall New Capital:

This mall will not only enable you to invest in Egypt’s largest national project, the New Capital but will give you the opportunity to get the highest return on investment and endless benefits, Shop for sale in Pyramids Mall New Capital especially since you will get the best price and the easiest payment system to make big profits in a short period of time.

Pyramids Mall Location:

The mall’s most significant strength is its unique location in the New Capital, as it is adjacent to several renowned hotels, including the Al Masa hotel, which is located in front of gate 3, in the vibrant Downtown district of the New Capital. One of the most crucial components required for the success of any business and investment initiative is a vibrant location like this.

Due to its proximity to numerous significant locations, ongoing projects, and densely populated residential neighborhoods like the following, having a unit inside the mall will enable you to draw in a sizable number of consumers and clients:

  • Green River.
  • Central Region.
  • Diplomatic Quarter.
  • Business District.
  • Government District.
  • Exhibition Zone.
  • 7th Residential District.
  • 8th Residential District.

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Pyramids Mall New Capital Space and Design:

The mall covers a large space of 45,000 square meters, which includes a variety of units that suit commercial or even medical activities. In other words, the unit types available are as follows: shops, offices, and medical clinics. The remaining percentage of the land is occupied by green spaces, services, and recreational facilities.

Pyramids Mall is made up of several floors, with the ground floor dedicated entirely to commercial units. The entire mall enjoys the most luxurious design, inspired by modern international malls with a few unique touches to make it stand out.

The luxury of Pyramids New Capital is not an accident, but a deliberate result of hard work and good planning by a team of highly qualified experts, consultants, and engineers. This enabled them to launch a project that impresses customers and investors.

Details About Shop for sale in Pyramids Mall:

Shop for sale in Pyramids Mall New Capital

Type: Retail

Price Type: Down Payment

Area (m²): 70

Payment Option: Cash or Installment

Down payment: 10%

Instalments over 10 years

Services and Features in Pyramids Mall New Capital:

  • Pyramids Mall is a great place to invest for a variety of reasons. The services and features offered, which range from those that are necessary to those that are enjoyable, such as:
  • One of the New Capital’s most significant advantages is the mall’s location, which ensures a high return on investment because it is a significant national project and the city has a complete infrastructure with all necessary amenities like electricity, water, and communications networks in addition to routine maintenance.
  • The large range of apartments in Pyramids Mall, including business, office, medical, and hotel-style apartments. The commercial apartments are provided partially finished, with marble flooring and simple wall finishes.
  • Customers can continue making monthly payments while renting the business space.
  • Units are provided 2.5 years following the contract’s signing, which is a short amount of time for such projects.
  • The largest water skiing facility in all of Egypt is connected to Pyramids Mall New Capital.
  • The greatest payment methods accessible on the real estate market can be used to purchase the mall flats.
  • To accommodate your diverse business needs, the mall features a number of meeting rooms.
  • The project features unusual and stunning designs, such as a special dancing fountain.
  • Aquariums and entertaining displays, like a dolphin show, are fun entertainment options.
  • All the items that guests or even unit owners may require are available in the supermarket inside the shopping centre.
  • 68 acres were used to build a large mosque.
  • All day long, security and guard staff are on duty. Additionally, surveillance cameras are always in use.

Information about the developer of pyramids mall:

One of the top real estate investment firms operating in Egypt, Pyramids Developments, is the owner of the mall. Additionally, it collaborates with the military.

The business was founded in France, but two businessmen, Hisham Al Kholi and Alaa Al Kholi, currently own it. Additionally, they are the owners of Pyramids Company for Import and Export, one of the biggest Egyptian exporters to Europe.

The first branch of the business opened in Cairo in 1984, and the second one opened in France in 1989. The two engineers possess roughly 3,000 acres in the Al Gharbia governorate. The business has invested 200 million euros.

Since investing in residential projects in 2013, the company has significantly impacted Egypt’s real estate market, despite having launched several of its projects there.

The company launched luxurious and contemporary projects in the New Capital in partnership with the renowned Hussein Sabbour Group.

The company’s ninth project in New Capital is this mall. In Egypt, some of their best projects include:

  • Pyramids Mall in New Capital.
  • La Capitale New Capital.
  • Lac Studios in The New Capital.
  • Paris Mall New Capital
  • Grand Square New Capital Mall.
  • Paris East Mall New Capital.
  • La Capital East in the New Capital.
  • Pyramids Business Tower.
  • La Capitale Suite Lagoons New Capital
  • La Capital New Alamein project.
  • Sky City El Galala Ain Sokhna
  • And other projects including Sky City Project Al Galala, El Galala Road, Tulip Hotels Group, the establishment of Al Mosheer Tantawi Mosque, and Air Force Hospital.
  • The company previous projects in France include the following

The company previous projects in France include the following:

  • Holiday Inn Hotel.
  • Reforms in the Louvre Museum and the French Parliament
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