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AURORA New Capital is classified as the first integrated project on the axis of hope

Aurora Mall enjoys a strategic location in the heart of the capital, in the largest entertainment area, and this is what will achieve the expected success of Aurora commercial and medical units, which every investor aspires to reach.

Besides, Aurora project is the first administrative, medical, and commercial mall located in the downtown area of the New Capital, designed on a global basis to provide investment for business owners and others.

It is located in the heart of the New Administrative Capital C5 in the MU23 area.

Aurora Mall is the latest addition to the commercial and medical scene in the New Administrative Capital. Its strategic location is in the heart of the capital, in an area known as the largest entertainment area.

Project details and units space:

Aurora Space: 6000 SQM

Developer Name: Doja Developments.

Units Types in Aurora: Commercial Units – Administrative Units – Medical Units.

Unit Space: 45 m² to 90 m² for commercial units, 45 m² to 270 m² for administrative units, and 45 m² to 270 m² for medical units.

Payment System: The developer provides different payment systems, ranging from 5% down payment to 15% down payment, and the installment period varies accordingly, ranging from 3 to 5 years.

Payment System: The developer provides different payment systems, ranging from 5% down payment to 15% down payment, and the installment period varies accordingly, ranging from 3 to 5 years.

Project Details:

Aurora Mall New Capital is the first commercial and medical administrative project to be established in the New Capital, and it is also one of the major projects designed according to the latest international designs and models, and it is the first distinguished project in terms of exterior design. Or interior design, Engineer Raef Fahmy was assigned to design the Aurora project, which is considered one of the most skilled international design engineers and the owner of Memaar Al Morshedy Design for the Skyline project, the largest residential building in the world. The project covers a large area but the operating rate does not exceed 30% of the total area. Aurora is a huge project for entrepreneurs, doctors and business owners. It is a unique project and an excellent investment opportunity for everyone looking for a better future

Places nearby to the mall

  • Aurora Mall is located close to the embassy area, only ten minutes.
  • The mall is close to the most famous malls in the Administrative Capital, such as Soul Plaza Mall and Pixel Mall.
  • Aurora project is located in the city center directly next to the Administrative Capital.
  • It is within walking distance of some of the city’s most popular areas, such as the central business district and sports complex.
  • And if you’re looking for a shopping mall to go shopping, you’ll love the options Aurora Doga has to offer – it’s close to some of the biggest malls in the city. In addition, it is only a short drive or walk from some of the most famous places in the Al-Amal neighborhood, such as the Embassies District.

Advantages of investing in Aurora New Capital

The project contains Aurora Mall many features that make it a successful commercial mall, and this is what the company recently announced so that investors know that the opportunity they are taking in order to own a unit in the project is a successful and guaranteed investment, and its most prominent features are as follows:

  • Availability of many payment systems.
  • 2 basements have been allocated ground garages, to prevent crowding
  • Modern and modern design of units and buildings in the mall.
  • A commercial role, to give comfort and give all services to customers inside the building.
  • Providing many different types of units such as clinics, shops, and administrative offices.
  • The distinctive location of the project, as it is located in the middle of New Capital, and this makes it close to the main roads
  • Providing an integrated security crew that protects the place and maintains customers, which contains a set of surveillance cameras that film the event all the time
  • All devices in the mall are powered by solar energy and are in the event of a power outage in their normal state.
  • The presence of an area dedicated to children, in order for women to take their time to buy comfortably and fun, without the noise of children, and the entire place is monitored by cameras and has a security staff to protect children.
  • Operate open and high-speed Wi-Fi devices in order to browse and share opinions with family and friends.
  • Providing an elevator for people with disabilities
  • there is an elevator for easy ascent to the desired floor so that the stairs are not climbed.
  • Providing escalators through which the ascent is carried out without the need for fatigue
  • Providing a number of external and internal doors that facilitate the process of going and returning to the mall

The most important services inside Aurora New Capital

There are many services within Aurora Doja, including the following:

  • Aurora Mall provides the largest number of giant administrative offices, commercial malls, and medical clinics, which suit everyone.
  • It also provides all spaces, different prices, and easy payment methods.
  • Recreational centers and public parks for hiking, in addition to a complete area dedicated to children.
  • Aurora has surveillance cameras, security and guarding throughout the day.
  • Aurora is located in the heart of the new Capital, near all main roads, making it easy to reach.
  • Aurora Mall relies on architectural design that combines luxury and creativity, between elegance and sophistication. making your office or clinic a wonderful painting.
  • Aurora Mall contains a gym and spa.
  • Different entrances with 4 high speed elevators.
  • Central adaptations, within all types of units.
  • The mall contains a special area for restaurants and cafes
  • Private meeting rooms at Aurora Mall New Capital.
  • Fire alarm system is equipped throughout the mall, with self-extinguishing of fires

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Project Area

Aurora project is built on an area of

There are 6000 square meters in each building, and each building has 1800 square meters. There are two nine-story buildings.

first floor has offices and clinics.

third floor contains apartments.

fifth floor has offices and clinics. seventh floor has apartments.

The ninth floor contains apartments and clinics.

Each building also has two basements for garages and four elevators.Between each floor there are three steps.

As for the ground floor and the first floor in Aurora, the real estate developer decided to allocate them to a full-service area with restaurants and cafes.

The second floor is commercial, but the units in it are not for sale during this period.

The spaces in Aurora start from 45 square meters, and there are units on the edges that enjoy a charming panoramic view and giant areas of 170 square meters up to 190 square meters

Payment systems:

  • 6 years = 5% down payment and 5% payment after one year.
  • 7 years = 10% down payment and two 8% payments over two years.
  • 8 years = 10% down payment and 3 8% installments over three years

The date of delivery of the mall units:

Units will be delivered in 2023

The finishing specifications in Aurora Mall are super lux for medical and new capital units, offices, and clinics.

Finishing commercial units and shops on red brick with air conditioning.

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