Boardwalk New Capital Compound

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Boardwalk New Capital Compound
Atrek Real Estate Company is launching a new project called Compound Boardwalk New Capital. This compound is different from any other residential area in the capital, because it was designed to be environmentally friendly and has a unique architecture. The compound is located in the quietest neighborhood, and it is a great choice for people who want to avoid noise.
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Atrek Real Estate Company is launching a new project called Compound Boardwalk New Capital. This compound is different from any other residential area in the capital, because it was designed to be environmentally friendly and has a unique architecture. The compound is located in the quietest neighborhood, and it is a great choice for people who want to avoid noise.

Boardwalk New Capital Compound

Details about Boardwalk New Capital

Boardwalk New Capital The company first announced the start of the first phase of the Boardwalk Project in the cityscape exhibition and that it will include three residential buildings, each of which will have seven floors in addition to a ground floor. Take note that the company did not put villas up for sale at this phase and instead delayed it to the next because it collaborated with the largest offices of international designs to create a distinctive residential compound for customers.

Location of Boardwalk New Capital:

It is in the heart of New Capital, the 7th residential district, R7, 25 minutes from Cairo and near Al Sefarat Neighbourhood.

Places nearby Boardwalk compound:

Thus, Boardwalk project is located in the seventh district R7, which is one of the most important strategic districts close to many neighborhoods and vital places in New Capital. Hence, it is:

  • 2 km from the expo city
  • 5 from the embassy district
  • 4 km from the Green River
  • 5 km from the medical city
  • 6 km from the government district
  • 7 km from the Opera House
  • 9 km from the financial and business district and the diplomatic district
  • Close to the most important main roads, including the Regional Ring Road and Ain Sukhna Road, and minutes from the new Egyptian museum.
  • 20 minutes from Mohamed Bin Zayed axis
  • Near the presidential palace and the new cathedral.
  • Close to the Swedish and Egyptian University.
  • Minutes from other residential compounds such as Green Avenue, the lofts, Sueno, Dejoya 3, and Midtown sky.

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The exclusive services of Boardwalk New Capital:

El Asreya Developments, the owner of the project, provides you with many distinctive and exclusive services within Boardwalk Compound New capital to help you get everything you want from the pleasure of luxury and comfort as it helps you enjoy living in a sophisticated compound that combines high-end modern life and the stunning natural beauty that surrounds all its parts.

  • For the safety of you and your family, walking and running paths have been paved, amidst the scenic landscapes and the vast green spaces that help you recreation, comfort, and safety, as they are far from the road for cars.
  • To play all your favorite games, a large sports club has been established for you, which includes a number of playgrounds for different sports, handball, and volleyball halls, and is equipped with all integrated services.
  • A large social club equipped with all facilities, and offers you services at the highest level.
  • For an enjoyable shopping experience a huge shopping mall has been provided that includes a huge number of stores that display the best international brands and brands.
  • In order to park and secure the cars of the unit owners, a parking area has been allocated, which preserves the civilized appearance of the compound.
  • A number of modern surveillance cameras have been distributed that constantly monitor events in it, and security and guard personnel have been appointed and that service throughout the day.
  • For more entertainment and recreation, a number of swimming pools have been distributed in a balanced manner and are suitable for all ages.
  • Important basic services are available within Boardwalk for the convenience and guarantee of living a comfortable life for the residents, including water, electricity, and natural gas.
  • You can eat your meal in the best restaurants spread in the project yard and cafes of the latest international models, and it is always keen to provide a variety of drinks that suit all high tastes.
  • The facades of the project are designed on the home lighting control system, in addition to the presence of a number of air conditioners.
  • The units are also decorated with green terraces for the facades, which gives them an attractive, civilized appearance, worthy of the residents.
  • Boardwalk in the new capital is one of the environmentally friendly projects, where solar energy is used to preserve the environment and to illuminate gardens and streets.
  • For complete recreation and comfort, a clubhouse has been established that includes gymnasiums that contain fitness equipment, and rooms for the spa house and sauna for body care and enjoyment.
  • The project includes a huge area within the compound that includes many offices and large spaces that meet all your needs and requirements.
  • High-speed internet service in all units.
  • To spend the most beautiful happy and fun times, a special area for children has been established with all the games that are appropriate for their ages and that are safe for them.
  • The units within the project were provided with modern and advanced elevators in order to facilitate the customers to move between floors.

Space and Price in Boardwalk Capital:

  • As for the first phase that was launched, it consists of 500 apartments with space starts from 124 m² up to 300 m², this number of apartments and those spaces was stated by the company at one of its press conferences in the first half of 2019 and is therefore subject to change.
  • The price per meter starts at 11,000 Egyptian pounds, with the average price per meter starts from 12,200 Egyptian pounds for super lux finishing.

The design of Boardwalk New Capital Compound:

  • Al Asreya, the project’s developer, was keen to plan and carry out the project according to the idea of modern architecture. Additionally, it is being constructed on a 40-acre plot of land, with the majority of the project’s budget going toward green spaces, gardens, man-made lakes, and landscapes.
  • The remaining space is home to villas and flats, each of which is beautifully constructed with magical details in a modern European style.

Payment System in Boardwalk Compound New Capital

The Unit shall be booked without paying any down payment, and the installment period is up to 8 years.

The Real Estate Developer of Boardwalk Compound New Capital:

El Asreya Developments is one of the most important leading companies in the field of real estate development in Egypt, where it was established in 1990 AD, and it has many major projects that have achieved multiple successes, and its main goal is to create high-end communities that provide its customers with high-quality services, It is also distinguished by its long history of building high-end and sophisticated projects all over Egypt.

It directs all its main attention towards achieving its promises to deliver its projects at the agreed time, and it uses high-quality building materials, and relies on the latest modern interior designs that are characterized by luxury and sophistication, in order to meet all the needs of its customers, as it is keen to provide the natural aspect and scenic views to make all its projects an honorable and comfortable face for its residents.

The most important previous projects of El Asreya Developments:

  • Boho project.
  • Divina Gardens.



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