Castle Landmark Compound New Capital

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Castle Landmark Compound New Capital
Castle Landmark Compound is a really special place. It contains all the things that make life comfortable, and is one of the largest construction projects in the world. The company that built it used their expertise in the real estate field to create a luxurious place perfect for all kinds of people. The compound's prices are good and ideal.
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Castle Landmark Compound is a really special place. It contains all the things that make life comfortable, and is one of the largest construction projects in the world. The company that built it used their expertise in the real estate field to create a luxurious place perfect for all kinds of people. The compound's prices are good and ideal.

Castle Landmark Compound New Capital

Enjoy the Ideal Lifestyle within Castle Landmark New Capital:

A significant project with integrated services, Castle Landmark is a prime example of the perfect lifestyle filled with luxury and comfort. The developer company made advantage of its real estate industry know-how to offer opulent designs and all-encompassing services at a competitive price point to appeal to a wide range of demographics.

Location of the Castle Landmark Compound:

You can enjoy a quiet suburban lifestyle with the delightful tranquility of the vegetation and lakes facilities at the R7 site in the new Administrative Capital. Each part of the project is precisely organised to work together to produce a surreal experience. The project is sure to stand out thanks to its distinctive architecture and generous amount of greenery, which makes up 81% of the entire environment.

Places Near the Castle Landmark Compound

  • Castle Landmark is close to the Green River and Al Sefarat neighborhood.
  • The international airport is very close to the compound, which has contributed to the increased importance the site.
  • Travel is very easy to and from the compound, thanks to a number of main roads and axes that are very close, including the Mohammed bin Zayed South Axis, the Ring Road, Al Ain Al Sokhna Road and the Cairo-Suez Road.
  • Access to high-end educational services is available to all residents, as it is very close to the British University.
  • The Compound is close to important cities such as Cairo, Badr city and New Cairo

Available Space in Castle Land mark Compound:

A massive development known as Castle Landmark occupies about 41 acres. Despite the size of the space, only about 19% of it is actually under construction. The remaining area was set aside for necessary and supplemental services.

Four phases of Castle Landmark’s implementation, totaling up to 5 billion EGP in investment, have been completed. There are 40 residential structures altogether within the property. The main floor of each structure has five apartments, and the higher floors each have six.

The first and second phase units range in size from 190 square metres to 205 square metres, and there are also a few of units in phase II that begin at 210 square metres. Unit sizes in Phase III range from 152 to 175 square metres.

Services in Castle Landmark :

Customers have received all the services they required throughout the project, ensuring a comfortable existence. The most well-known services include:

  • Stunning views and green spaces cover the majority of Castle Landmark.
  • Jogging, hiking, and cycling trails in the middle of nature.
  • A team of security guards are working in the compound throughout the day, in order to keep the population safe.
  • Artificial lakes are available in unique stunning designs.
  • It has a large number of parks, ideal for barbecue parties and other outdoor events.
  • A large number of swimming pools have been distributed throughout the project, available in various shapes and sizes to suit the entire population.
  • A large clubhouse covers 4 acres of land, which provides more entertainment services to the residents,
  • World-class gym and spa.
  • A gym and spa are available with world-class equipment.
  • There’s a private underground garage below each building, in order to preserve the residents’ cars.
  • A large sports club with highly-equipped courts for various sports, including a squash court with international standards.
  • A large shopping mall built on 6 acres, with plenty of shops providing residents with international products and brands.
  • Fine restaurants offer customers a variety of the tastiest and finest cuisine, brought to you by a team of distinguished chefs.
  • High-end cafés with various beverages available.
  • A fully-equipped and safe daycare for the kids.
  • Castle Landmark Compound provides a children’s playground, filled with a large number of fun games and activities to ensure a great time for kids.
  • 70% of the compound services rely on renewable solar energy for its electricity needs, this ensures a clean air and environment for the population.
  • Each residential building has 2 high quality and efficient elevators to provide more comfort for the residents.
  • A central air conditioning system for all units within the compound.

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Prices and Payment Systems in Castle Landmark Compound:

Despite the fact that unit costs vary depending on their characteristics, the costs are still quite low.

  • Phase II units cost between 9,500 and 10,000 EGP per square metre, while phases I and III units are priced at 9,000 EGP per square metre. Last but not least, the cost of Phase IV units ranges from 11,200 to 13,250 EGP per metre.
  • There is a flexible payment plan where you may put down 12%, pay 5% after three months, and then another 5% after a year. There is a 10% supplemental payment due when you receive the unit. The balance is paid over a period of seven years.
  • For the fourth phase, the company has introduced additional payment options that will appeal to a wide range of customers.
  • Divide the entire amount in installments over 5 years, without having to pay a down payment.
  • A 10% down payment, with the remaining amount paid over 7 years.
  • A 10% down payment, with an additional 5% after one year of contract, another 5% after two years, and 15% payment upon unit delivery. The remainder of the amount is paid over 10 years.

Advantages of buying properties in Castle Landmark Compound:

If you like Castle Landmark Compound, make sure to book your residential unit and enjoy the comfortable lifestyle offered by it. Living within this upscale project is a golden opportunity for anyone looking for luxury accommodations.

  • The best competitive unit prices among the Administrative Capital projects.
  • Various and distinct payment systems that suit all customers.
  • Unit designs are based on the world’s best luxury models.
  • A privileged location within the R7 area of ​​the New Capital.

The Real Estate Developer of Castle Landmark Compound:

EBC Saudi Arabia

The developer’s previous work:

Castle Landmark is the property of Castle Development, a subdivision of EBC Saudi Arabia, which has more than 4 decades of real estate experience, and has been implemented this project in collaboration with Makasa Investments.

The company has hired a group of specialists in the field of design and engineering consultancy, particularly by teaming up with the Egyptian-German Co. for Engineering. The entire compound is insured against theft and fires by the international company Metalco.


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