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Catalan Compound New Capital
Catalan Compound New Capital The design of the place took care of the units' views of the green spaces, wonderful lakes, and swimming pools, which created a beautiful painting that sent an atmosphere of psychological comfort and relaxation. This was clearly reflected in the design of units of all types and spaces. Its design was characterized by luxury, which is not without a touch of simplicity and sophistication.
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Catalan Compound New Capital The design of the place took care of the units' views of the green spaces, wonderful lakes, and swimming pools, which created a beautiful painting that sent an atmosphere of psychological comfort and relaxation. This was clearly reflected in the design of units of all types and spaces. Its design was characterized by luxury, which is not without a touch of simplicity and sophistication.

Catalan Compound New Capital

Details About Catalan Compound New Capital:

Catalan Compound New Capital This project, which is being carried out by Gates Developments, is the excellent option for consumers looking for highly differentiated services close to the New Capital’s key areas.

It is distinguished from the other projects in the Capital by its classification as an integrated residential compound with upscale Spanish designs.

The Property, which spans 40 acres and is situated in the R7 district, is also close to all the essential amenities and locations you require. You can access the compound by a number of highways, including the regional ring road.

Due to the fact that it has all the required services divided appropriately to the project so that it is accessible to everyone, it gives you a fantastic atmosphere of relaxation, quiet, and solitude.

In particular, the design of the place paid attention to the units’ views of the green spaces, amazing lakes, and swimming pools, which created a beautiful painting that sent an atmosphere of psychological comfort and relaxation. This was clearly reflected in the design of the units of different types and spaces. Its design was characterised by luxury that is not free of the touch of simplicity and sophistication.

The compound’s proximity to the main axis, significant neighborhoods, and service areas—which it mediates between many important neighbourhoods like the central business district, embassies district, and government districts—has had the greatest influence on customer interest.
The size of the structures was limited to 22% of the overall area of the project and to improve the peace and solitude for the inhabitants, the remaining project land was divided among green spaces, man-made lakes, and different recreational places.
The complex facade houses a number of amenities, including a sizable mall, eateries, cafés, stores, a contemporary gym, and a sizable pharmacy.

Location of Catalan New Capital:



The R7 plot was chosen for the project by Gates Development, the executing business, and it is one of the most notable locations in New Capital for the following reasons:
• The project has a charming view of the Green River.
• The Compound is located near the government district and the diplomatic quarter, which is one of the most beautiful and prestigious neighborhoods of the New Capital.
• It is close to Fairgrounds, the government district, and the central business district of the New Capital.
• As for the roads leading to the project, you can reach the compound via Sheikh Zayed axis, the main lifeline within the Capital, as well as through the ring road

Services in Catalan Compound New Capital:


Catalan New Capital offers a vast array of various services, all of which Gates has been eager to make available to consumers in order to fulfil their needs and find whatever it is they are seeking. The following are some of the most significant services:

• We provide you and your family in front of your unit a swimming pool with a distinctive area, in order to enjoy water games, which are suitable for all ages, and enhance your complete privacy.
• In order to enjoy the Internet, we have provided you with a distributed network across all units, which works with high technology and at a high speed.
• Within the compound, there are areas designated for pets that are cared for and raised.
• A spacious area with many types of modern games that are suitable for young children and that help them spend the most beautiful times of fun and happiness.
• A distinctive infrastructure was established in order to provide you with all the basic services that are one of the main lifestyles, including gas, electricity, and water.
• We achieve the integrated system and public security for you by creating a spacious garage to house a large number of cars to maintain them.
• Assigning tight security inside the project and electronic gates in order to protect the population.
• For young children, an international nursery was established in order to develop their ideas and help them learn in all languages, and it includes a number of highly qualified teachers.
• You can buy all your goods and supplies from within any supermarket in Catalan Compound, which provides you with everything you need.
• For entertainment, a large cinema was established and equipped with all facilities from large screens, speakers and comfortable chairs for all.
• For lovers of fitness and body care, large gymnasiums have been created for you in Catalan Project, with a group of trainers at the highest level, and modern sports equipment.
• For the care and health of you and your family, we have provided major clinics in all specialties within the compound, with a number of highly qualified doctors, which are available throughout the day.
• For maintenance services within the compound, centers with a team of technicians have been provided in order to treat any sudden malfunction.
• A Clubhouse inside the compound has all the varied and enormous services that you will only find in Catalan.
• For lovers of walking, running, and cycling, long paths have been paved away from the motorway, amidst the wonderful green grass for enjoyment.
• Catalan Project includes a large international school with a group of teachers of the highest level of education.
• Major pharmacies inside the compound yard provide you with all the medical and therapeutic services you need and operate 24 hours a day.
• A mosque inside the project with sufficient space for a large number of worshipers to perform religious rites, and is designed in the ancient Islamic style.
• For the convenience of you and your family, elevators have been provided within the units in order to go up and down without trouble, and periodic maintenance is done for them.
• Great restaurants in a dedicated area that offer the finest multi-cuisine, in addition to world-class designed cafes that provide you with types of wonderful drinks.
• For fans of football and tennis, large stadiums have been provided for tournaments and competitions.
• For unique shopping, a large mall has been provided with a number of various shops in which all brands and international brands are located, which suit all high tastes.
• A social club within the project is a distinguished meeting place for friends and big families, and it has all the services available to you and all of its visitors.
• The project is environmentally friendly as all units operate on the solar system, which greatly saves electricity consumption.
• A large central satellite to distribute all satellite channels to all units.
• Catalan New Capital has huge power generators that turn on automatically when the electricity is suddenly cut off.

The most important features of Catalan New Capital:


The compound has a number of wonderful advantages that are unique to it from other projects, which will achieve for you and your family everything you are looking for and you will not find, and that is in Catalan New Capital, and we mention the following:

• The most important thing that distinguishes Catalan is that it enjoys a privileged strategic location in the most vital areas, overlooking the main axes and close to the most important various institutions.
• The units inside the compound are characterized by wonderful international finishes that suit all high tastes, and they are designed with the finest building materials.
• For more complete relaxation, wonderful landscapes and tall trees were created around the units, giving you a feeling of psychological comfort and serenity.
• You can also book easily and at special prices within Catalan New Capital, by paying a downpayment and the rest in installments over years and without interest.
• For outdoor recreation and complete freedom of strolling, spacious gardens and parks have been created for more relaxation, with seating facilities for comfort and tranquility.
• The units within the project work with the wonderful smart system that is based on sensing and control and a special application have been allocated to the residents of the units in order to help them and provide them with comfort.
• Wide areas of water bodies that are spread in the compound square, including artificial lakes, water fountains, and wonderful waterfalls, with the sound of its freshwater that calms the nerves.
• For relaxation, a large health club with Jacuzzi and sauna halls, a Spa House for body care, and a salt cave for positive energy were provided for the residents of the project.

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The developer of the Catalan Compound:

Gates Developments it is the real estate developer of catalan compound Since it manages the steel and military equipment factories, Wadi Factory and Beni Suef Factory, Gates Developments, the executing company, has had up to 25 years of experience in real estate development. Gates Developments was established in 2018 as a new branch of the parent company, Gates Company, which was founded in 1995.

Additionally, it has been distinguished by residential construction projects and works in the heart of the New Capital, such as the Audaz Mall New Capital, West Gate 6 October, Plaza Espana Mall, and Catalan Mall New Capital Egypt Mall. The company is constantly looking to earn the trust of its clients because it provides everything that is fresh and diverse in the real estate industry through its past and ongoing projects.


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