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I Business New Capital is your investment opportunity

I- Business The first smart structures and business housing development in the heart of the New Capital. That magnificent pearl sparkled in the New Capital’s sky with a sheer higher elevation. An I-Business project in the new capital, it is a grand gorgeousness that embraces its a very collaborative architectural style to reveal these smart connected three towers, the first of their type, like a change in the field of real estate development in Egypt and an equity investment that will not be duplicated. The New Capital, the biggest and best and even more renowned investment project in the New Capital, is an iconic landmark and a huge crystal that rises to 30 floors with glittering glass surfaces reaching the sky. Three distinct smart skyscrapers. The architectural mystery is that these three buildings are joined to each other by a podium with a height of 3 levels; To offer this layered architectural style a height of up to 91 meters uniqueness, attractiveness and sophistication above its distinctive look inside the Capital. Every letter in I-Business New Capital.

For those who wish to put money into the best commercial, medical, and administrative investment projects, there is a unique investment opportunity.

These three towers offer hotel accommodations close to administrative offices, medical clinics, and commercial spaces.What added to this dazzling investment. Arqaa collaborated with the office of renowned engineering consultant Hussein Sabbour in order to oversee the integration of architectural exteriors, decoration, and artistic way I-Business Park Mall is distinguished by a high-quality engineering design at the greatest level of worldwide designs. This added touches of creative luxury to this sparkling investment project. KAD, one of the top businesses in Egypt for business project management, also directed the project.

Commercial, medical and administrative investment projects.

unique features of this magnificent initial investment, that was presented by Arqaa Emirati Real Estate Development Company in the sky of the A Capital, one of the fourth-generation communities. It is embedded in the New capital’s land and rises into the sky using the most cutting-edge, intelligent technological capability and techniques; to serve as the most distinguished Emirati company’s luxury investment front in Egypt. As a result, the letter (I) in the term I-Business evolved to represent for the words “innovative,” “investment,” and “globalisation,” all of which reflect internationalization. Furthermore, the word I in Latin indicates “first,” and this project is considered the first in aspects of elegance, quality, complexity, and the use of creative techniques.

The perfect location of I-Business New  Capital in the Downtown village, right in the middle of the New Capital, transformed to be the other side of the layout and services provided in this luxurious investment project, a turning point in the world of real estate investment. a remarkable location that brings uniqueness and elegance. I- Business is the ideal way to invest in the centre of the New Capital, right viewing the Green River and the Bin Zayed axis.

Where exactly is the I Business project located?

For the development of skyscrapers, Arqaa Real Estate Development Company has selected the greatest site in the  Capital. The landmark tower, the highest in Africa, is directly across from the Al Masa Hotel, just a few feet away. Additionally, the new Cairo International Airport is a 30-minute drive away.

I-Business is located at a small range from the Ministry District and Monreale Station. For everyone wishing to start a profitable investment in the greatest districts, there is a clear strategic position.

I Business services in the new capital

All commercial, residential, and governmental buildings provide a panoramic view of the whole capital in the Downtown region.
The new capital’s first superb restaurants.
The first hotel apartment units in the future capital were stopped.
a sizable section devoted to restaurants and coffee shops that house the most well-known global brands.
Elevators of the highest caliber with stunning panoramas of the Green River, the Al Masa Hotel, and the iconic tower. These 91-meter-high elevators will take you on a memorable adventure.
Water fountains are really exquisite, creative, and gorgeous.

indirect link between the administrative and commercial buildings; thus ensures the administrative tower’s independence.
the only skyscraper with all of its business space situated along the Green River. The project’s central air conditioning distributes air to provide a delightful, comfortable interior environment. 23 elevators are the most that may be found in an investment project in the capital.

Internal elevators and staircases for workers’ convenience, as well as a location set aside for restaurant chimneys.
All units have fantastic views of the theatre, the exterior plaza, and the dancing fountain. There is security and guarding available around-the-clock, seven days a week, along with top-notch surveillance cameras. a play area for kids featuring a variety of games that are appropriate for kids of all ages. generation system for emergencies a well-trained crew of cleaners and maintenance personnel to keep the mall clean and well-maintained.

The services provided by the services provided by the new capital business project and its advantages

  • A big number of vehicles are stored in garages on enormous lots of Open terraces, a theatre, mini golf, and display screens in the lobby rooms.
    Star Long
  • Areas of the capital project for I-Business new capital.
  • The mall was constructed on a 21,450 square metre plot of land.
  • The administrative and medical departments are spread out between the fifth and fourteenth floors.
  • The medical units’ rooms start at 35 square meters. whereas the starting square footage for offices and administrative units is 31 square meters. The business apartments’ interior square footage starts at 26 square meters.
  • The I-Business New Capital project and installation systems’ unit costs.

Payment Systems

You can pay 5% of the unit price as a down payment and the remaining amount in equal monthly instalments.
You may also put down 10% and spread the remaining balance over 7 years in equal payments with no interest.
The remaining balance can be paid in eight equal payments over eight years with a 20% down payment.

About the real estate developer

The best Emirati expertise make up Arqaa Real Estate Development Company. The business, which was founded more than 25 years ago, has made a number of significant real estate investments. On Egyptian soil, we discover that Orqi mimics the approach of the recog Dubai towers. The most prestigious company has carried out a number of investment projects, including the Every Park Mall in the Capital and 13 commercial and administrative malls in the Fifth Settlement.

About the New Capital

It was built as the future capital of Egypt and is one of the cities of the fourth generation. Numerous expansive, luxurious, and modern investment projects have been built.

Look for an investment opportunity in the New Capital if you want to make a future-proof investment. The Aurora project, X-Business, the Linux project, and the largest and most prominent project, I-Business Mall, are a few of the enormous investment projects that were constructed in the New  Capital.

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