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If you are looking for luxury and well-being in all its meanings, you have the perfect solution to own your new residential unit in the most beautiful location in the heart of New Capital, which is La Verde Compound, implemented by La Verde Developments.

The real estate developer was successful in creating a distinctive compound that offers all luxury and well-being living by providing all the basic services that meet your needs effortlessly, in addition to more and different means of entertainment that suit different ages. New Capital was chosen to build La Verde because it has become a stop for all the people of good taste and investors from inside and outside.

All of this is combined with the presence of the most exquisite international building designs, the provision of green spaces that permeate the spaces between the units and give the customer a sophisticated and harmonious feeling, the presence of water bodies, the enjoyment of nature’s beauty, waking up to the entrancing view, and the presenting of a new future for you and your family.

La Verde New Capital location:

Due to its proximity to numerous main roads and axes, as well as the majority of the essential service locations that clients may require, the location of La Verde New Capital Compound was carefully chosen to meet the needs of customers and not burden them with the burden of congestion and crowding when moving to and from the compound.

The Green River may be seen in a beautiful way from La Verde.

Suez Road and the Ring Road are both close to the property.

The cultural city is not very far away.

Presidential mansion and the ministries district are both close to La Verde.

The cathedral, the school complex, and the British University may all be reached by foot.

A short distance separates La Verde Compound from New Capital Airport.

a short distance from the conference center and the Al Sefarat area.

Only a small distance separates it from the opera house.

The space and design of La Verde Compound:

The 35-acre La Verde New Capital Compound was designed with the goal of allowing customers to breathe fresh air for their health and comfort while enjoying a beautiful view of the residential units on everything that is natural and beautiful, with the largest part of the compound being allocated for green spaces and wonderful water bodies, estimated at about 80% of the project’s total space.

Because La Verde Developments is known for its innovative designs, it wanted the compound to be a very upscale residential neighborhood for anyone seeking peace, luxury, and sophistication. In addition to the stunning views that each residential unit in La Verde New Capital enjoys, the compound also features contemporary architectural designs.

For the interior finishes, major companies have been hired to assist customers finish the units from the inside with the taste that suits each customer to meet all desires and needs. Architectural facades inside La Verde Compound were designed in the eye-catching Italian international style that always gives you a sense of luxury and sophistication.

The most important services in La Verde New Capital:

  • La Verde Compound, one of the most impressive structures in the New Capital, is the dark horse provided to us by La Verde Developments. As the winner of the competitive race between the top architectural firms in the New Capital, it offered its clients La Verde Compound and all the amenities. If you are a fan of excellence, then you are on a date with an exceptional experience of creativity and luxury in La Verde.
  • Full perimeter protection is provided by the compound’s 24-hour surveillance cameras, and skilled security guards keep an eye on La Verde’s entrances and exits.
  • Your social life is thriving at La Verde, where there are areas set aside for friend meetings, grilling areas, and a variety of recreational activities that help you create lasting memories.
  • There are sports fields within the development connected to the social club where different games, including (football – tennis – basketball, and other games).
  • Your family’s health is in good hands in La Verde because the medical facility has the most up-to-date technology and a variety of the best specialists to care for you and your loved ones.
  • To always be able to give therapeutic services to all of the compound’s customers, pharmacies have been dispersed around the complex.
  • Your kids have fun in the amusement area set aside for them inside La Verde New Capital, which includes a variety of the cutest games and entertaining activities for kids, all under the supervision of professionals for added safety.
  • a sizable commercial mall with a collection of stores that features a distinctive collection of the priciest international brands.
  • The health club provides you with a variety of amenities for recreation and relaxation, including a spa, jacuzzi, sauna, and other recreational treatment services that work for your comfort.
  • Swimming pools for swimmers of all ages, some of which are covered for women’s increased privacy.
  • Maintain your fitness and take use of the modern sports equipment in the gym, which enables you to work out with the best trainers.
  • The architectural developer was interested in developing an international nursery that offers the best educational services since he did not overlook the educational component.

the most important features of La Verde New Capital:

Your fantasies have come true on the ground in La Verde, where luxury and well-being rule every square inch of the compound. This is evident in the breathtaking architectural designs and meticulously crafted landscapes as well as the services that La Verde Egypt offers you within the compound. However, there are some surprises in store for you as well, as the company was eager to offer its clients additional benefits in addition to these services to further elevate their level of luxury, including

La Verde, which translates to “green,” is the name of the compound. Green spaces and landscapes predominate the compound’s space, allowing you to enjoy and breathe in fresh air in the morning and evening. This works in harmony with the color of the green units to make the compound’s greenness more aesthetically pleasing.

a place of amusement with a collection of the most opulent cafes and restaurants delivering the tastiest western and eastern cuisine.

To further elevate the setting, Bluewater bodies carefully represented by man-made lakes, crystal water, and dancing fountains are scattered throughout La Verde Project.

To further take in the lovely scenery, there are two paths: one for cycling and the other for walking and running.

a complex administrative structure that serves as a resource for clients.

Regular traffic inside La Verde Compound is ensured by parking.

 types of residential units in La Verde Compound New Capital:

In order to accommodate everyone’s preferences and needs, La Verde Compound offers a variety of units (ground and upper apartments, duplexes, penthouses, and villas), as well as all necessary services, amenities, and recreational opportunities. As a result, you can now reserve your new unit, live comfortably in one of the finest integrated residential communities, and take advantage of the lowest prices possible.

Garden apartments start at 65 m2 and go up to 203 m2, respectively, on the ground floor.

flats in the upper floors that range in size from 135 m2 to 325 m2.

Duplex residences range in size from 270 m2 to 346 m2.

Penthouses range in size from 182 square meters, with gardens measuring 62 square meters to 80 square meters, to 255 square meters.

The available villa spaces in La Verde New Capital varied depending on what the client wanted, such as whether or not they wanted a swimming pool and how much garden space they wanted. The villa space starts at 420 m2.

Payment systems offered by La Verde:

La Verde Developments continues to give its customers more benefits to win their trust. For example, it has offered a lot in La Verde Compound by facilitating payment methods in addition to unmatched unit prices compared to other businesses nearby, demonstrating its credibility in dealing with customers in fulfilling their expectations. The real estate developer was also interested in creating multiple instalment plans to satisfy all the owners of high-end homes.

In the first arrangement, the customer makes a down payment equal to 15% of the total unit price and then pays the remaining balance over a period of five years.

The second payment plan requires a 15% down payment, a 5% payment after six months, and the remaining balance to be paid over the course of six years.

The third option requires a 15% down payment of the entire unit price, a 5% payment after six months, a 5% payment after a year, and the remaining balance to be paid over the course of seven years.

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About the real estate developer and his most important works:

One of the most significant characteristics of La Verde Developments is that it constantly innovates in providing projects of a special nature to set itself up as a global footprint in the field of real estate development. It is distinguished by placing a high percentage of investments in its projects to satisfy all customers and gain more confidence while professionalizing international projects on Egyptian land. La Verde Egypt was established in 2017 and has set plans for their implementation.

All of this is on top of the company’s impressive designs, which include all the amenities for services and entertainment that improve the quality of customers’ lives. Additionally, it employs engineers and consultants with extensive expertise in beautiful interior design, finishes, and designs from around the world.


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