La Vista city Compound New Capital

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La Vista city Compound New Capital
La Vista city Compound New Capital is a new high-end residential project located near the southern axis of Bin Zayed, Hyde Park Compound, City Gate Compound, and the Mivida project on the Central Ring Road.
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La Vista city Compound New Capital is a new high-end residential project located near the southern axis of Bin Zayed, Hyde Park Compound, City Gate Compound, and the Mivida project on the Central Ring Road.

La Vista city Compound New Capital

The New Capital, whose location has been carefully picked by the Egyptian government, is located in an advantageous location to the east of the regional ring road close to Badr city.

It is simple to get to the New Capital directly through Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Southern Axis on the Suez Road or from Gindali Road 2 as it is the closest point to Ain Sokhna in Suez Governorate, where it is only 80 kilometres from the governorate and situated behind Mostakbal city and a few kilometres from “Madinaty” compound. The New Capital is also 60 kilometres from the centre of Cairo, the old capital.

That takes us to today’s topic as Lavista City in the New Capital is one of the capital’s newest projects and is situated on the Green River close to the Bin Zayed Southern Axis if you’re interested in having a high-end residential property in the promising capital.

Location of La vista City Compound:

It is one of the Capital’s newest projects, a high-end residential project located on the Green River near Bin Zayed South Axis, Hyde Park Compound, City Gate Compound, Mivida project on the central ring, extension of Golden Square.

The project has an area of 910 acres, and it has been decided to build on only 15% of the land area, and the rest for project services and green spaces.

The residential units in the project, range from villas – townhouses – Twin Houses, and the residential area start from 230 square meters up to 470 square meters.

Services of LaVista City New Capital:

  • Inside La Vista City Compound, there are modern surveillance cameras to monitor all movements.
  • Large garages that can accommodate many cars and are equipped with cameras and sound alarms to maintain the property and maintain a civilized appearance.
  • Inside the project, there are modern electric elevators for easy movement between floors, and some of them and reduce overcrowding.
  • For shopping lovers, there is a huge commercial area inside the compound with many different stores, which makes the shopping process enjoyable due to the many options available to the customer.
  • A gym with many playgrounds for practicing your favorite sports and maintaining fitness.
  • An integrated health club with the latest equipment and equipped with spa rooms, jacuzzi, and sauna.
  • Attention to the health aspect. Providing many medical centers equipped with the latest equipment and the best doctors to maintain the health of the compound’s residents, and to receive emergencies.
  • The project contains an area for restaurants and cafes designed with the latest international styles, offering delicious food and drinks under the supervision of the most skilled international chefs, to eat your favorite meal in an atmosphere of calm.
  • A pharmacy that has all kinds of medicines and works around the clock to serve customers.
  • Within the La Vista City compound, there is a large entertainment area for children with games and recreational activities to spend a fun time with friends.
  • Assign highly trained security and guard personnel to maintain security.
  • Tracks for jogging, walking, and cycling enthusiasts in safe paths away from cars, in the clean open air among green spaces.

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Features that are unique to La Vista City Compound New Capital:

In addition to the numerous benefits, the real estate developer was determined to select a desirable site for the complex in order to draw in a large number of customers and investors. The project also offered a calm and comfortable living away from noise and pollution.

  • La Vista City’s geographic location, which puts it close to the most significant roads and axes, is one of the compound’s biggest assets.
  • There are other swimming pools scattered throughout the complex that are appropriate for all ages.
  • Units in La Vista City stand out for their magnificent designs, which fused Egyptian and European styles.
  • The abundance of green spaces and stunning scenery comforts you psychologically.

Units spaces in La Vista New Capital:

  • The project, which is now the largest residential project in the New Capital, was constructed over a massive area of around 910 acres.
  • Given the abundance of units with a variety of spaces accessible to satisfy every client’s needs, every customer will be able to choose the place that suits them.

The spaces are as follows:

  • The project has townhouses with varied spaces, top-level finishing, and a separate garden, and the same case with villas.
  • The project units are designed with the European-style presented by a group of distinguished artists and decorators.
  • Buildings are designed on only 15% of the total area.
  • A large area has been allocated to green spaces, artificial lakes, and swimming pools that give the place a great look for added pleasure and psychological comfort.
  • Residential units are carefully designed for life in a clean and healthy environment away from pollution, congestion, and noise.

Disadvantages of buying property in La Vista New Capital:

La Vista Compound  project like the city of the future makes it difficult to find disadvantages , there are several advantages to the city of La Vista, including the wide areas and the many types of units for sale that are available for all categories

Payment methods:

Businesses prioritise quick receipt of cash payments and offer major benefits and discounts in exchange.

No matter the size of the apartments, whether they are villas or townhouses, customers can reserve the ones that work best for them with a 15% downpayment and the remainder paid in equal payments over 6 years without interest.

The real estate developer and his most important previous works:

La Vista Development is one of the most important companies in the real estate market in Egypt and has extensive experience, as it was founded in 1991 under the leadership of businessman Alaa Hadi, and the company presented many successful mega projects, and the company’s projects varied between residential and tourism and relied on a selection of the best architects and consultants specialists.

Most important previous works

  • La Vista Bay East.
  • La Vista Ras El Hikma.
  • La Vista Ray.
  • La Vista Gardens Ain Sokhna.
  • La Vista Topaz Sokhna.
  • La Vista Ain Sokhna Resort.
  • La Vista 7.
  • El Patio Zahraa Zayed Project.
  • El Patio 6.
  • El Patio 5 East El Shorouk.
  • El Patio Prime Compound.
  • El Patio 5 East El Shorouk.
  • El Patio Casa
  • El Patio Oro.
  • El Patio 2.
  • El Patio 3.
  • El Patio 7.
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