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Linx Mall New Capital
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Mall Linx New Capital project was created with the most up-to-date, stunning, and graceful architectural designs to become a distinctive interface for the Administrative Capital. an integrated service tower with diverse commercial, administrative, and healthcare facilities. It is situated on the Al-Amal axis, close to the best service neighborhoods and residential neighborhoods. Only 15 minutes separate it from the diplomatic area, 10 minutes separate it from Exhibition City and Al-Massa Hotel, and 300 meters separate it from the tower. The Green River is the longest and most famous in Africa.

On a 7635 square meter plot of land in the administrative capital’s (MU 23) center, this massive investment project rises.

Where exactly is the LINX Mall NEW Capital project located?

The Administrative center, the LINX mall Tower, is situated on site F13 in MU 23, the most well-known commercial district in the city, which is directly on the Al-Amal axis. The project’s location on the main thoroughfare connecting the NEW CAPITAL to Mostakbal City, as well as the Suez Road, was carefully chosen. It is only five minutes from the Olympic Village and the Sports City, five minutes from the Medical City, and twenty minutes from the Fifth Settlement. On a 7635 square meter plot of land, this massive investment project emerges in the canter of the administrative capital in (MU 23).

The project continues past the axis and into the northern financial and business district. The most prestigious service districts, like the Government District, are 15 minutes away from this significant investment project.

Features of the capital LINX Mall:

The beautiful glass facades and contemporary, high-end architecture of LINX NEW CAPITAL feature enormous screens for advertisements.

Every apartment in Links Mall has a distinctive exterior that offers panoramic views of the city’s largest gardens and parks.

The tower has numerous units of various sizes to accommodate all investments, giving a greater variety of investors—including both experienced businesspeople and newcomers—the chance to own distinctive units in the heart of the New Administrative Capital. As a result, there are more diversified investment prospects because the units range from medical clinics to commercial buildings to administrate provided a fantastic opportunity for investors looking for distinctive locations for their projects to achieve the desired success for their investments because of its proximity to numerous residential complexes with high population density offices.

Linx’s Tower Services New Capital

  • The project’s artificial lakes and water fountains, which are based on the newest worldwide models, have been imaginatively designed. Additionally, there is a landscape area where you may take in the breathtaking panoramas of the administrative center and the enchanted environment.
  • To make it easier to move between floors, the Links Tower in the Administrative Capital has 8 excellent elevators in addition to escalators.
  • The entire project is closely watched by a well-trained security team for a full day. The Lynx Mall contains a number of contemporary gadgets in addition to high-sensing fire alarms.
  • Wi-Fi and a fast Internet connection are needed to create a productive environment and do business.
  • The largest international brands can be welcomed in the space designated for commercial units.
  • Additionally, a single courtyard has been designated for the construction of restaurants and cafes, including the most well-known.
  • and has a technique for evenly dispersing distraction throughout the entire building.
  • Companies that are in charge of routinely inspecting and maintaining all mall facilities are available. A crew is also in charge of maintaining the facility’s sterility and cleanliness around-the-clock.
  • There are two underground parking garages, which allow for the most cars feasible to reduce traffic.
  • The project contains a collection of kid-friendly swimming pools in addition to women-only private pools.
  • A specialist security staff guards Kids Aria, which is furnished with all games.
  • Each floor has a handicapped restroom.

The design and spaces of the LINX Mall in the New Capital

The massive 7635 square meter LINX mall Administrative Capital project is situated there. The mall has a ground level in addition to 9 straight floors, with a total floor space of roughly 2290.5 meters. The mall also has two underground parking garages.

By offering clinics, the LINX Capital enterprise also offers numerous businessmen significant investment prospects. The units’ areas were split up as follows:

Commercial units start at 27 meters in size.

whereas the size of the medical units begins at 54 meters.

The smallest administrative unit is 48 square meters.

As a result, the LINX mall Tower in the New Capital houses a sizable number of different commercial units.

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 Payment systems and installments

10% down payment and 5% receipt are acceptable.

15% can also be paid in advance through an up to 8-year instalment plan.

Alternately, pay a 20% down payment, 5% as soon as the unit is received, and the remaining balance over a 9-year period.

You might also pay 25% now and the remaining amount over the course of ten years.

You can alternatively pay 30% up front and the remaining amount over the course of 10 years.

About the New Capital

The future of Egypt begins in this massive new Egyptian city, one of the cities of the fourth generation and the future capital of Egypt, which boasts distinctive architectural grandeur, beauty, elegance, and innovation in design. It is located in the province of Cairo. Huge investment projects, including the Aurora and X-Business projects, are being established in this city and are distinguished by their luxury and modernity. The residential compounds combine engineering inventiveness with nature to create structures of the utmost beauty and sophistication. Find a future-oriented investment opportunity within the NEW CAPITAL if you’re seeking for a promising one.

One of the most well-known and significant investment initiatives in the Administrative Capital is the Linux project.

About the real estate developer

The LINX mall was created as an architectural marvel by Capriole Investments, a real estate developer dedicated to originality and modern design, and as a result, it offers all the amenities that potential buyers and visitors could ever desire.

Caprowell was founded with the goal of dominating Egypt’s real estate development industry 28 years ago. 350 projects have been carried out by Caprowell, including:

Khalifa College.

Club for Abu Dhabi Sports.

University of the United Arab Emirates.

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