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Midtown Condo New Capital Compound
Midtown Condo Compound is a large new residential building designed to make life easier for people. It has a lot of modern features, and it is ideal for people who want to live in a nice place. It is a great opportunity for people who want to live in a beautiful and sophisticated building.
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Midtown Condo Compound is a large new residential building designed to make life easier for people. It has a lot of modern features, and it is ideal for people who want to live in a nice place. It is a great opportunity for people who want to live in a beautiful and sophisticated building.

Midtown Condo New Capital Compound

Midtown Condo New Capital Compound, One of the newest residential developments in the New Capital is the Midtown Condo. It is being built by Better Home, which has had prior success with residential developments in New Capital. The Midtown Condo is a medium-priced project, with prices per meter beginning at 9,000 EGP.

  • Since the residential neighborhood R7 is the best neighborhood in New Capital and is situated between Expo City and Al Sefarat Neighborhood, close to the regional ring road and Mohammed bin Zayed South axis, the real estate developer was keen to select a distinctive site to build the compound.
  • The company has chosen to build on only 20% of the land area, leaving the remaining 80% as green spaces. Midtown Condo Better Home has been keen to plan the project and design it at the highest level in order to feel happy inside. The project consists of 52 residential units, with each building having a ground floor and 7 upper floors.

Location of Midtown Condo Compound:

Midtown Condo Compound is situated in the 7th sector of New Capital City, in close proximity to K1, the most elite neighbourhood in Egypt.

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This shows why Customers have the opportunity to purchase a unit at Midtown Condo, and there are several reasons why:

  • Midtown Condo’s position in the New Capital City ensures top-notch educational services.
  •  The Medical City in New Capital, which is next to the complex, is anticipated to be the top provider of medical services in all of Egypt.
  •  The Midtown Condo offers tenants immediate needs fulfilment while being located in close proximity to the financial sector and the administrative region.
  •  Al Sokhna Highway is about 10 minutes’ drive from the property.
  • As for the areas close to Midtown Condo New Capital ,  if you want to improve your quality of life, you should know that

It’s a company that has provided the compound with exclusive services that vary between basic and complementary in a desire to meet all desires and aspirations, and the most important and prominent of these services are:-

  • A large percentage of the area of ​​Midtown Condo, New Capital, has been allocated to green spaces and artificial lakes, which gave the units a wonderful view that brings calm and comfort to the souls.
  • All existing buildings have 2 elevators for more comfort for residents.
  • The company has developed an organized design for buildings and residential units to ensure privacy and tranquility for the residents.
  • The compound has a clubhouse with international equipment that was professionally executed to provide more luxury and distinction for the residents of the compound.
  • The project was provided with three commercial malls that provide the residents with all international products and brands.
  • For more luxury, the company has provided the compound in Music Park with international designs.
  • Certain venues are designated for various parties and events.
  • The security and guarding service is spread throughout the compound, which works with all its energy throughout the day without stopping to secure all aspects of the compound and provide the highest levels of protection for the residents.
  • Gym, spa, and health club offering excellent customer service thanks to its world-class facilities.
  • All units within the compound are equipped with a garage designated for parking the residents’ cars, in addition to the presence of the main car park and parking spaces to avoid crowding in front of the buildings.
  • It includes swimming pools of different shapes and sizes, with types dedicated to women that provide them with protection and privacy.
  • A large number of restaurants serve different types of cuisine, whether oriental or western, and all of them have a unique taste that is unparalleled.
  • Residents can enjoy magical times in the cafes spread throughout the compound, which offer a variety of hot and cold drinks.
  • Sports fields with international equipment to ensure the residents practice various sports activities.

Available Units in Midtown Condo New Capital Egypt:

A notable development on 66 acres is the Midtown Condo project, which offers apartments ranging in size from 110 square metres to 370 square metres. The last level includes a garden, and you may purchase the last floor with a roof for luxury and seclusion.

Payment Systems and Average Price:

  • After the Midtown and Midtown Solo projects, Midtown Condo is Better Home’s third project in the New Capital, and the business has set pricing per metre in the first phase from 9,000 EGP to 10,000 EGP.
  • In terms of payment, just a 5% booking deposit is made, with the remaining balance due over the course of seven years in quarterly instalments. A 10% maintenance deposit is also due immediately upon receipt.

Features of Midtown Condo New Capital Compound:

  • It is in a privileged location close to all the services you need, such as Opera, Fairground, ring road and diplomatic quarter.
  • It has a huge mall and includes all the services you need from a supermarket, cafeteria or restaurants.
  • There is a variety of spaces for large and small families.
  • The owner company provides you with a variety of payment systems that are suitable for everyone

Date of Project Delivery:

Better Home has said that the Midtown Condo project’s delivery date is in 2022, however the unit will not be finished when it is received since the real estate developer left finishing to the unit owners so they may enjoy solitude and complete the apartment to their own preferences.

 Information about the developer:

Better Home Group is the developer of Midtown Condo New Capital; a real industry company that was founded in 2003 with a clear vision of leaving an impact on the housing industry in Egypt. The solid expertise of the mother company “Better Business” was one of the main reasons for its fast-growing success.

  • Throughout the previous 13 years of dedicated work, Better Home Company launched around 56 projects, stretching around 12 million m2, in which the company excelled in providing a perfect location and modern design.
  • Better Home Compound is looking forward to becoming the first benchmark that people recall when looking for the best innovative real estate company in Egypt.
  • Besides the top-notch residential projects launched by Better Home, the company established a group of prominent administrative projects, such as Cairo Business Plaza in New Capital, Cairo Business Bay &  Cairo Business gate in New Cairo, and Cairo Medical Center.

 Previous projects of Better Home Real Estate Developer

  • Midtown Villa New Capital.
  • Midtown 5th Settlement.
  • Mega Mall in 6th October.
  • Cityscape Mall in Minya.
  • Midtown Sky New Capital Compound.
  • Cairo Medical Center in 6th October.
  • Midtown Solo.
  • Cairo Business PlazaNew Capital.
  • Cairo Business Bay.
  • Midtown Solo Mall New Capital.
  • Midtown Condo Mall New Capital.
  • Midtown Sky Mall New Capital.
  • Highland Park 5th Settlement.
  • Highland Park 6 October.



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