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Pavo Tower New Capital:

The most recent project of Mercon Developments is Pavo Tower New Capital, an iconic tower on the Green River with 14 floors of administrative and commercial space. Pavo Tower New Capital has a 4,000-square-meter footprint. The project Pavo Tower New Capital will be launched by Mercon Developments, and new administrative capital pricing will be revealed soon. Commercial units start at 23 meters, and the price per square meter without finishing is 53,000. In the Mall Pavo Tower New Capital, office spaces and administrative units start at 30 meters, costing 32,500 per square meter with a 10% down payment and the longest payment period of up to 7 years.

Major investors in Egypt and beyond are drawn to Paavo Tower, the new administrative centre, because it is distinguished by a privileged position selected by Mercon Developments and has international designs and highly distinctive finishes that realize every customer’s ambition.

Where is the project (Pavo Tower ) New Capital currently located?

The Pavo Tower Mall boasts a remarkable perspective of the central park, including the Green River and the landmark tower, because Mercon was determined to select a significant and distinctive location in the New Administrative Capital. Being close to the ring road and Mohammed bin Zayed’s northern axis, where the Pavo Mall is situated just in front of the monorail station, is one of the benefits of the Pavo Mall project.

  • The mall is a fantastic investment option for all customers because it is close to the best developments and shopping centres, like Cowan Tower and Amazon Mall.
  • neighbourhoods near Pavo Tower Mall, the new administrative canter
  • Pavo Tower New Capital Mall features a distinctive and unique view of all of the following:
  • close to the Bin Zayed North Axis.
  • The regional ring road is a short drive away.
  • From the front, it has a direct view of the “Monorail Train Station.”
  • Additionally, it is close to both the Cathedral Church of the Nativity of Christ and the Egyptian Mosque.
  • It is close to the diplomatic district, the financial and business district, the government district, and the ministries district.
  • a short distance from the fairgrounds
  • The gold market is near to the mall.
  • close to the Al Masa Hotel.
  • a short distance from the culturally rich metropolis

The area of ​​​​the Pavo Tower project, The New capital:

The Pavo Tower project was designed on a 4,000-square-meter site, and the mall has a distinctive view of the main streets. The mall also includes a sizable group of commercial and administrative buildings built to the highest standards of international engineering, and Pavo Tower has a sizable selection of amenities like services, facilities, entertainment, landscaping, and green spaces.

The 13 higher levels of the Mall are divided into the following groups:

There are stores on the first, second, and ground floors.

Administrative offices will be located from the third floor to the thirteenth floor.

Prices and space of units in the Pavo Tower project:

The Mercon Real Estate Company offers a wide range of units in various sizes to accommodate all of our clients. The spaces are as follows, and the company offers cheap prices so that clients can take the initiative to reserve your suitable investment unit

business units:

The commercial section’s sizes begin at 25 square meters.

Price starts at 50,000 pounds per square meter.

Administrative offices:

Spaces for administrative units start at 30 square meters.

The starting price for a metre is 23.700 EGP.

Payment systems, payment methods and installments:

Since Mercon provides the best and most convenient methods of instalment and payment, with the smallest down payment and the longest interest-free payback time in Pavo Tower, it always aims to achieve the maximum success possible in all of its business ventures. This is how the payment mechanism works

with instalments that can last up to 15 years and a down payment as low as 10%.

Services and facilities of the Pavo tower project:

The most notable of Mercon Real Estate Development Company’s top investment projects, Pavo Tower Mall New Capital offers cutting-edge solutions for all investment business owners that enable them to succeed and excel, in addition to having a variety of recreational and essential services that cater to everyone’s needs.

The most significant of these include the following:

the proliferation of green places and scenery to take in the beneficial fresh air.

The key features that set Pavo Tower Mall apart are its prominent strategic location in New Capital and how simple it is to get there and back.

Modern electronic gates in the tower allow for simple entry and exit from Pavo Project New Capital.

Pay attention to the safety issue in order to keep an eye on all activity in Pavo Project New Capital, a large number of security personnel were hired and dispersed around the mall.

Within Pavo Project, there are restrooms for both genders on each floor.

24/7 free WiFi access is offered.

Real estate developer of Pavo Tower New Capital:

The Pavo Tower New Capital project was executed by Mercon Developments to a high standard as usual, and the company is renowned for its innovative urban, commercial, and tourism projects.

Two of the most significant businesspeople in the real estate industry, Eng. Samer Beek and Eng. Ahmed Imbabi, owners of the Mimar Makkah Company and the “Sam Mix” company for the concrete industries, created the company.

In order to realise the engineering plan for the Pavo Tower Mall project in the new administrative capital, the company worked with Eng. Asaad Salama.

The projects that Mercon Real Estate Development has previously completed are as follows:

The Fifth Settlement area finances “G.”

In the new administrative capital, the “G 7” project.

Hotel Savory in Sharm El Sheikh.

the construction of the “Business Bay” towers in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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