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Pukka Compound New Capital
Pukka Compound New Capital, was designed by the best real estate development companies, and it has many facilities and integrated services. The city's architecture is also unique.
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Pukka Compound New Capital, was designed by the best real estate development companies, and it has many facilities and integrated services. The city's architecture is also unique.

Pukka Compound New Capital

Details About the Pukka Compound:

Pukka Compound New Capital It is one of the  most impressive and well-known Master Builders Group development in the New Capital, it is adjacent to the Capital’s most important locations and was built with high-end designs to provide its occupants with the utmost in luxury and comfort.

The compound’s most notable feature is its location in the investors’ area of the New Capital, which has the advantage of being the least dense due to its location on Mohammed bin Zayed’s southern axis, also known as the central axis.

It is situated in the centre of the New Capital and is one of the newest projects of Master Builders Group whether you want to live in a dream home and lead a luxurious lifestyle or if you are seeking for stability.

One of the most recent projects of the New Capital, it is an integrated residential investment city that is situated in the centre of the New Capital and is close to Suez City, 6 October, and the regional ring road. It has been connected to a variety of major roads and includes a wide range of investment projects, ministries, and various international bodies.

Location of  Pukka Compound:

The project is distinguished by its strategic location within the New Capital, on an area of 40 acres, where it is situated next to the most significant projects, as well as approaching Al Sefarat Neighbourhood known for its low population density, where the elite of the community, as well as its presence close to the New Capital’s international airport, as well as Al Fattah El Aleem Mosque and the Cathedral, as well as the British University, as well as its proximity to the New Capital’s international airport

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Services and features Pukka Compound:

The project’s executing business, Master Builder, aimed to provide all services within the complex to fulfil every client demand without having to travel outside the area, including:

  • Green spaces: It features large green spaces that give you a sense of comfort when you look at them, as well as water bodies and swimming pools.
  • Game zone: Project executives are keen to create a kids’ play area, which includes many fun games.
  • Commercial area: it has a large commercial area with many international brands shops, as well as shopping malls.
  • Health club: There is a health club in Pukka as well as a gym for exercise, as well as a spa for relaxation and comfort.
  • Hypermarket: The hypermarket is available within the complex to provide all the needs of customers, no need to go outside the area to buy their supplies, and there are parking garages at the highest level.
  • Bicycles: It has a world-renowned bicycle parking system, which demonstrates the project’s executives’ keenness to provide all the entertainment and comfort to customers to meet all their needs.
  • Food Court: it has a dining venue, with many of the world’s best-known restaurants offering the best beverages and food with hotel-like service.
  • Medical Center: it includes a medical center, which is equipped with the best modern medical equipment, to provide distinctive service to customers, in addition to the presence of a pharmacy that operates 24 hours a day, to provide the medicines needed by the residents of the place.
  • Business Center: The company implementing the project provided a large business meeting room, which is equipped with tools and equipment to suit such meetings.
  • Wide roads: It is characterized by the presence of wide roads, which are located on the side of the trees where they reflect a beautiful view, this is due to the design of the project with boulevard, system, known worldwide as one of the advanced systems related to the division of neighborhoods and buildings.
  • Security and guarding: Security and guarding services are available throughout the day to provide security and stability to the residents, where they have been provided with the best security equipment, as well as the presence of surveillance cameras throughout the project.
  • Pukka New Capital Project is a wonderful investment opportunity as it is unique in its distinguished geographical location, as it is located on the southern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed, and is close to the most important strategic sites, which helps you navigate easily away from the public road.
  • Pukka Compound provides you and your family with all aspects of safety, as guards are set throughout the day, and surveillance cameras cover all residential units to monitor all events, as they are constantly working.
  • Scenic landscapes surround the compound from all directions, including the wonderful landscape designed with the same international styles, gardens, and green parks, making you feel completely relaxed and mentally clear.
  • The compound includes private garages for each residential building, which are located underground and fully secured, in order to preserve the civilized appearance of the project.
  • The most important feature of the compound is its proximity to major educational centers and international schools, as well as universities that are a few short steps away, making it easier for your children to move and reach.
  • To ensure the complete safety of you and your children, paths have been paved for walking away from the road for cars in order to avoid any accidents.
  • A number of medical centers have been established that operate throughout the day, and they include all specialties and provide you with all treatment services and comprehensive examinations at the highest level.
  • As well as providing imported medicines and treatments in all major pharmacies within its yard, which are available 24 hours a day to serve you.
  • To enhance the civilized appearance of the compound, wonderful water bodies with their wonderful turquoise waters were created around the project, which is represented in the dancing fountains and the sound of waterfalls with their single waters, and beautiful artificial lakes that give it attractiveness and make you feel recreation.
  • We provide you with all food commodities and supplies by creating commercial centers that contain all the products you need during your day.
  • The residential units within the project have been designed on the latest international models, which enjoy wonderful decorations and calm colors that relax the eye, as well as distinctive lighting that gives you psychological comfort and a sense of relaxation within your unit.
  • All units are delivered with the latest finishes and the finest building materials, as well as the modern air-conditioners that have been provided inside, in order to live within a real environment with a new concept.
  • Distinguished periodic maintenance is carried out on all units, by the most efficient technicians, which work throughout the day to repair any malfunctions.
  • A large mosque with a large courtyard was built, and it houses a huge number of worshipers, and it is designed according to the ancient Islamic and architectural styles.
  • For shopping lovers, a shopping mall has been established within the project that offers you the best types of brands and international brands.
  • For the meeting of friends and families, a social club has been established that provides services of the highest quality, and comfortable seating facilities.
  • A distinctive entertainment area for adults and children that includes a large number of various games that help you spend times of fun and happiness among your family and friends.
  • For bodybuilding and fitness, we have provided you with a large gym that includes several modern devices, and trainers of the highest level.
  • A wellness center that includes a Jacuzzi for relaxation, a Spa House for skincare, as well as sauna rooms that help you relax and unwind.
  • To practice your favorite sports, a number of large-sized stadiums have been prepared for football, handball, and tennis, which hold many courses and competitions.
  • A large library containing thousands of diverse international books within the project, which guarantees you calm and freedom to enjoy reading and education

Apartments for Sale Pukka New Capital

  • The project’s residential units will range in size to accommodate everyone, with flats measuring between 122 and 227 square metres and including the following amenities:
  • Apartments with gardens typically range in size from 139 square metres to 198 square metres, and their prices range from 1.636,000 to 2.193,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Apartments range in size from 147 to 205 m2, with prices between 1.470.000 and 1.845.000 EGP.
  • Each penthouse has a closed room that ranges in size from 27 square metres to 218 square metres and a roof that ranges in size from 63 square metres to 114 square metres. Penthouses range in price from 1,949,000 EGP to 3,176.250 EGP.
  • Payment method & Pukka Prices:
  • The first method involved paying a down payment of 6% of the unit value and then another 6% after one year, with the remaining balance to be paid in equal instalments over a period of 6 years. The second method involved paying a down payment of 6% of the unit value and then another 6% after one year.
  • The third option required a 10% down payment of the unit’s worth, followed by payments of 5% after one year, another 5% after two years, and the remaining balance in seven equal instalments.
  • The fourth method consisted of a 15% down payment, 5% after one year, another 5% after two years, and a third 5% after three years, with the rest of the due amount to be paid over eight years in equal installments.

The developer of the Pukka Compound :

Master Builders is made up of a sizable collection of prominent Middle Eastern real estate developers, and they have completed a number of residential, educational, and medical buildings with the highest standards of architectural design. Some of their prior projects include the following:

  • The City Valley New Capital.
  • Sunset Compound Ras El Bar.
  • Al Ola City New Mansoura.
  • Al Safa Mall.
  • Dar El Safa Hospital.
  • Gehan Medical Center.
  • Mansoura International Medical Center.
  • Nile Academy.
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