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Scarta Compound New Capital
Scarta Compound New capital, is a modern building with a variety of spaces to choose from. It has beautiful views of green spaces and water bodies.
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Scarta Compound New capital, is a modern building with a variety of spaces to choose from. It has beautiful views of green spaces and water bodies.

Scarta Compound New Capital

Scarta Compound

Scarta Compound New Capital One of the best and most opulent residential developments in the Capital is Scarta New Capital Compound. This offers citizens a comfortable, tranquil existence surrounded by greenery. The project is also situated close to numerous landmarks and important locations in R8, the most prestigious section of the eighth residential neighbourhood. Along with being close to the Al Sefarat and Government Neighborhoods, it is also situated in front of the Opera House and the Presidential Palace.

Scarta New Capital project’s developer, Makkah Real Estate Investment, has also given residents access to all amenities. In order to appeal to a wide range of customer tastes, it also chose designs that combine classic and modern elements. Additionally, the rates are relatively reasonable given the high-end services and quality of life that the residents enjoy.

Details about Scatra Compound :

The centre, Scarta Compound, was constructed on a roughly 20-acre plot of land. It is a sizeable area that makes it possible to offer consumers housing units of various sizes that meet all of their demands. where there are 80 square metres of room to 225 square metres available. Additionally, care has been taken to create gorgeous landscapes and green places that give the locals a tranquil and relaxing environment.

The New Capital, Scarta, is also conveniently situated near the most significant axes and major roadways, including the regional route and the Bin Zayed axis, which speeds up transportation to and from the compound. In addition to offering reasonable costs starting at EGP 7,000 per metre, the company also offers a number of convenient payment options with terms up to 10 years.

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The location of Scarta Compound New Capital:

Scarta Compound’s owner, the New Capital firm, has chosen a prominent geographic site in the most affluent section of the eighth residential neighbourhood, R8. Additionally, it is not far from the most significant and affluent parts of the city, including:

  •  The project is close to the regional road and the northern bin Zayed axis.
  • Additionally, it is not far from the Diplomatic Quarter.
  • Additionally, it is situated in front of the Presidential Palace and the Opera House.
  • Along with being close to the cathedral, the British University, and the exhibition grounds
  • The project is also approximately a 15-minute drive from both the Capital Airport and the Ministries District.
  • Additionally, the Green River, which is nearby and offers peaceful views of the homes, is close by.

Services and facilities within Scarta New Capital:

Scarta New Capital offers a wide range of services to enable residents enjoy memorable occasions that are luxurious and restful. The compound’s most well-known services are listed below:

  • There are a large number of swimming pools designed in a way to suit all ages.
  • The developer also provided a commercial center with the most famous international brands and brands.
  • There is also an international nursery to ensure the best level of education for children.
  • There is also a security team that operates around the clock, in addition to surveillance cameras that are spread everywhere inside the compound.
  • In addition, there is a social club that includes various sports activities.
  • Paying attention to natural landscapes and artificial lakes that provide very impressive views.
  • There is also a medical center with clinics for all specialties to serve the residents.
  • There are also underground garages that can accommodate all the owners’ cars.
  • There are special tracks for cycling, as well as running and walking.
  • Scarta Compound also includes various restaurants and cafes.
  • There is also a 24-hour pharmacy.
  • As well as a gym and spa to provide maximum luxury and relaxation for the residents.
  • In addition to a large mosque.
  • The residential units feature a wonderful view of the swimming pools and green areas

Designed by Scarta Compound New Capital:

The project’s developer was determined to give the property opulent and elegant designs that always make visitors feel unique. Residents enjoy a relatively tranquil environment because to the stunning vistas of lush gardens and man-made lakes that are featured in every residential unit. Scarta New Capital additionally preserves the inhabitants’ privacy by providing enough space between each unit and the next.

Apartments, duplexes, and penthouses were among the various types of project units. The business offered a variety of spaces so that each person could select the one that was best for him. The buildings had a bottom floor with a garden entry and 7 more floors, according to their design. Each building has a garage as well.

Additionally, Makkah Real Estate Investment Company distributes the units unfinished, allowing each customer to select the finishing that best suits his preferences. Residential units that have been completely finished can also be requested by customers.

Spaces available within Scarta New Capital:

The company that developed the project was keen to provide a variety of spaces for customers to suit their needs and different budgets. The space of the residential units within Scarta New Capital is as follows:

  • The spaces start from 80 meters divided into 2 rooms.
  • There are also units of 100 square meters divided into 2 rooms and a reception.
  • The company also provided an area of ​​120 square meters, which is divided into 3 rooms + a reception.
  • In addition to 130 meters divided into 3 rooms and a reception.
  • There are also 145 spaces containing 4 rooms.
  • The company also provided an area of ​​200 square meters, including 4 rooms.
  • Also, there is a large area of ​​​​225 square meters, including 5 rooms

Scarta New Capital compound prices and payment systems:

In relation to the high degree and luxury that the occupants enjoy, the developer company has offered the Scarta New Capital Compound with pricing that are exceptionally favorable. Additionally, I made an effort to please every customer by offering them a range of prices from which they could select the one that was best for them. The lowest price per metre in the Capital started at 7000 pounds for the units.

Regarding the payment and instalment systems, the business made an effort to offer a variety of simple payment options by spreading out payments over as long a time as feasible, up to 10 years. The project’s top payment options are shown below:

  • 10% down payment and installments over 8 years.
  • The customer can also pay a 15% downpayment and installments over 9 years.
  • The company also provides the opportunity to repay over 10 years upon paying a 20% down payment

The developer of the Scatra Compound

The Scarta Capital project is owned by the Makkah Real Estate Investment Company. Although it is their first project there, they have extensive real estate experience; the total amount of their assets in Egypt exceeds one billion pounds.

Customer comfort and elegance are always prioritized by Makkah Real Estate Investment in all of its developments. And the only way to do so is in concert with a sizable number of the most talented engineers and cutting-edge machinery. Besides employing cutting-edge and intelligent technology in building, of course



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