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Details About Sky Bridge New Capital:

One of the most well-known and well-known commercial centres is Sky Bridge New Capital, built by Al-Fath Group for Investment and Real Estate Development with several benefits for payment and instalments up to 12 years.

An integrated office, retail, and hotel tower with a stunning location in the center of the New Capital is called Sky Bridge Tower.

Company of the Al-Fath Group. The project’s “owner” offers this project a variety of included benefits and services, and this mall is also a commercial, real estate, and administrative project.

Because it is more than just a big mall, it will undoubtedly result in a change in the focus of the commercial hubs in the New Capital. However, it is a multi-faceted real estate project that offers residential units, office space for businesses and organizations, and retail space for both domestic and foreign trade. Additionally, it has a large number of well-known cafes and restaurants from around the world.

We will discover in-depth information about the Sky Bridge Mall through this article, including its location, services offered, investment prospects, prices for its retail and office spaces, methods of payment and instalments, and the project’s owner firm. Let’s get started.

When paying with cash, all Sky Bridge Mall units are discounted by 30%.

Sky Bridge Mall New Capital Location:

In one of the most distinctive areas of New Capital, Tower Sky Bridge Mall was developed by Al-Fath Group for Investment and Real Estate Development.

Al-Fath Real Estate Company built this mall with a direct view of the main street that is 70 meters wide, a garden that is 4 acres in size, and a tourist boardwalk that is 30 meters wide in the center of Down Town on the western axis of New Capital.

Due to its unique geographic location, this mall is quite accessible to numerous important locations in Greater Cairo and the New Capital.

The following are some of the Sky Bridge Tower Mall’s most notable benefits: –

• The Mohammed bin Zayed axis, the Suez Road, and the regional ring road are just a few of the important roads and axes that are close to the mall.

• The project has a direct view of the famous tower. the Green River, and “the tallest structure in Africa.” “The New Capital’s most prominent waterway.”

• The Presidential District, the Ministries District, the Government District, and the Embassies District are all extremely nearby to the Sky Bridge Tower.

• The central monorail station, the Egyptian mosque, and the gold market are all within close proximity to Bridge Mall.

• New Capital’s academic district and a number of luxurious apartment buildings are both extremely close to the tower.

• Data centers, insurance firms, pharmaceutical companies, and computer companies are all directly disregarded by the project.

The units and space of ​​the Sky Bridge Tower Mall project:

This project was started on 4270 square meters by Al-Fath Group for Investment and Real Estate Development to create an integrated real estate, commercial, and administrative project.

As the project offers residential, administrative, and commercial units of various spaces to meet the needs and expectations of hundreds of investors and people looking to live in this promising city, it presents appealing investment opportunities for those looking to invest in the New Capital.

14 floors total, including the ground level and parking floors, are made up of administrative, commercial, and residential spaces in the Sky Bridge Mall New Capital project.

This proposal consists of two towers, each of which has a floor devoted to the administrative offices of regional, national, and global organizations and businesses.

We can summaries the spaces of this mall in the following ways:-

The owner firm supplies all units of this project with a variety of areas to fulfil the various demands of institutions, commercial activities, and individuals.

• The Bridge Tower Mall’s business units provide spaces starting at 35 square meters each.

• The size of administrative units begins at 35 square meters per unit.

• The residential units in this project have areas starting at 56 square meters.

When paying with cash, all Sky Bridge Mall units are discounted by 30%.

Sky Bridge Mall New Capital services:

The project’s owner firm offers a variety of integrated benefits and services, with the following being the most notable of them:-

• Security personnel, a front desk, and security cameras throughout the shopping center

• The mall has central air conditioning in every area.

• Several of the must well-known domestic and international brands

• A dining district with a number of the most well-known eateries both domestically and abroad

• The mall’s double-glazed façade

• Panoramic elevators and escalators

• Parking lots

• A sizable gym for both men and women

• Meeting and conference spaces that are designated and equipped

Sky Bridge Project Payment and installment systems:

To fit the budgets of hundreds of people and investors, Al-Fath Real Estate Development Company offers all units of the Sky Bridge Mall New Capital project in simple and distinctive payment and instalment methods.

The following payment and instalment methods are available for this project:-

  • You can make a 10% down payment and the remaining balance over seven years in equal instalments.
  • You can make a 15% down payment and the remaining amount over eight years in equal instalments.
  • You can make a 25% down payment and the remaining amount over nine years in equal instalments.
  • You can make a 25% down payment, 10% after one year, 10% after another, and the remaining amount in equal instalments over the course of nine years.

When paying with cash, all Sky Bridge Mall units are discounted by 30%.

The Owner Company and Their projects:

The project is owned by Al-Fath Company for Investment and Real Estate Development. Due to its prior work on prestigious real estate projects inside and outside of Egypt in more than 25 countries, it is also one of the most well-known real estate development businesses in Egypt and the Arab world in general.

The company has carried out more than 300 real estate projects in Egypt and Saudi Arabia since its founding and over a period of more than 35 years. It has also made contributions to the real estate development ideas in Jeddah, Riyadh, New Cairo, New Heliopolis, and the New Capital.

The following are some examples of Al-Fath Group’s prior investment and real estate development work:-

  • 15 construction initiatives in Saudi Arabia
  • New Administrative Capital at Citadel Mall
  • New Capital Compound Entrada

New Narcissus Project (F12)

  • 123 New Lotus Project
  • New Capital I Business Park

If you wish to reside in this promising city or are looking for a new investment opportunity, consider developing your project in one of the New Administrative Capital’s most renowned and ideal places.

The first integrated project that offers you integrated prospects for real estate, Sky Bridge Mall New Capital, is the greatest option (Residential, commercial and administrative).

We are constantly interested in meeting your real estate needs with unique residential, commercial, and office spaces that live up to your standards. Please do not hesitate to call us at any time since we are available to you 24 hours a day to provide free real estate consulting. DRE


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