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Sueno New Capital Compound

project name: Sueno

About the Project: This integrated residential compound has a variety of units to meet all tastes and demands, as well as green spaces, artificial lakes, beautiful high design, and all the facilities the inhabitants might possibly need to live more comfortably and opulently.

Sueno Location: Located in the New Administrative Capital’s R7 plot N4.

Space: 11 acres for the Sueno New Capital Compound.

SAK Development is the company’s name.

Apartment, duplex, studio, and penthouse types of units are available.

Space of Units: It ranges from 115 m2 to 327 m2.

Payment Options: Down payments range from 0% to 10%, discount rates start at 15% and go as low as 10%, and the length of the instalment period varies from 3 to 8 years.

Spanish for “dream,” Sueno New Capital is SAK’s first venture in the Capital.

It is carried out by a team of engineers who put in a lot of effort to make it stand out as a special project among the investment homes being constructed in Cairo, especially New Capital.

Every single one of us will be able to live comfortably and unwind in this residential development, which offers the most luxurious amenities for the least amount of money per square meter.

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The Compound Sueno New Capital’s location:

location of Sueno Due to its location in the residential area R7, which offers you water bodies, wide open spaces, and services and facilities in a sophisticated and distinctive style, New Capital is regarded as one of the capital’s most important places.

A project comprises of 12 residential structures spread across 11 acres, with the most opulent cafes, restaurants, malls, and medical facilities available, all in a peaceful, secure environment.

The Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ, Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque, and the Diplomatic Quarter are all about five minutes away from a Sueno Compound.

The fifth district and New Cairo may be reached from the sueno in under 20 minutes.

The presidential palace and the airport are both only 15 minutes distant from the administrative capital.

The British University and the complex of international schools and universities are both close by Sueno.

The Diamond Hotel and the Fairgrounds are beside the Sueno New Capital project.

Sueno New Capital costs and payment options:

Sueno Compound prices and payment methods are among the best in the Administrative Capital because they provide customers and investors with a secure investment through down payment-free payment options and instalments spread out over an eight-year period.

Features of Sueno Compound:

  • One of the biggest cities the state has lately constructed is New Capital, which has a massive infrastructure to support a variety of services and facilities. Sueno Compound was constructed within of the integrated metropolis and offered a variety of benefits, such as:
  • A smart application that allows residents of the compound to autonomously operate the gates has been supplied to them as part of the project, which heavily relies on technology. They can use it to communicate with the administration and request a variety of services, such as cleaning, maintenance, repairs, and other things.
  • Additionally, there are solar-powered thermal heaters that can be set on top of the roof in any number.
  • The project is completely covered in expansive green spaces, which add to the feeling of peace and mental clarity and provide fresh air.
  • The enviable location in the center of the New Capital, notably the seventh residential district, one of the city’s most significant and well-known neighborhoods, which is near to key capital districts and crucial facilities.
  • Sueno was developed using a distinctive architectural style that imitates the best international designs while adhering to international security and safety regulations. This design contains engineering intricacies and eye-pleasing decorations that calm the eye and help you enjoy your visit to the location.
  • A sizable family park is located in the center of the complex and offers a variety of activities as well as many cozy places to sit and take in the calming ambiance.
  • The capital, Sueno, now has a massive fountain that is quite entertaining to the locals to look at and provides a very distinct aesthetic view to the buildings that overlook it.
  • There are swimming pools within the complex.
  • Beautiful man-made lakes have been placed all over the place to enhance the project’s beautiful appearance.
  • Sueno SAK Residential Units:

Sueno has just 12 residential structures, which makes life special and luxurious because every building has a ground floor and seven upper floors.

The apartment sizes range from 115 square meters to 327 square meters, and they are broken down into apartments, duplexes, studios, and penthouses.

You can either purchase an apartment blank and finish it however you like, or you can hire a finishing company and receive an apartment finished to the highest standard of luxury, such as a hotel.

Apartments in the Sueno New Capital:

unit details are as follow:

The size of a studio ranges from 55 m2 to 125 m2.

The size of apartments ranges from 115 m2 to 185 m2.

Duplex rooms range in size from 268 m2 to 277 m2.

Space for a penthouse ranges from 240 m2 to 327 m2.

Price per meter and mode of payment:

15% off is available with no down payment and up to three years of payments.

or 14% off with 0% down and up to 4 years of payments.

With a 5% down payment and payments over five years, there is a 13% discount.

10% off with a 6% down payment and up to 6 years of instalments.

10% off with a 7% down payment and up to 7 years of payments.

10% off with a 10% down payment and up to 8 years of payments.

Suenu New Capital’s developer of real estate:

One of the most significant companies in this industry is SAK Development. It was founded in 2018, and since then, it has worked hard to meet all of its clients’ varied needs and to continually expand the residential complexes it builds.

The distinctive Sueno Compound, one of its most recent projects in New Capital, is a striking illustration of the company’s growth and unmistakable proof of its understanding of the significance of technology and its role in improving human life.

The company has also completed a number of significant projects, the most significant of which we shall highlight below:

  • Al Ula city.
  • Elite Medical Tower.
  • Mansoura Tower.
  • Wafi residential complex in Saudi Arabia.
  • Mansoura Stadium Hotel.
  • Mansoura stadium renovation.
  • El Sabahi Tower
  • Elite Mall New Capital
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