Everything you need to know about the New Capital

Everything you need to know about the New Capital

The Most Important Information about New Capital

Location of New Capital:

The capital city of New Cairo, with a total area of 170,000 feddan, is situated 35 KM east of Cairo. Between the regional ring road, the Cairo-Suez road, and the Cairo-El Ain El Sokhna road is where the future capital is located.

By creating new communities for people to live, work, and visit, the new capital city will boost and diversify the nation’s economic potential. A number of significant catalytic initiatives will be built in the center of this new capital city in order to attract visitors there. This will feature numerous urban neighborhoods, a brand-new district for the government, and a cultural district.

Here’s new capital map that will give you all the information about the new capital

Facilities in New capital:

The primary goal of the New Capital project is to reduce traffic in Cairo, one of the world’s most populous cities. By 2050, experts predict Cairo’s population will rise from 18 million to 40 million.

The New City is anticipated to reduce strain on the bustling capital and attract residents by offering jobs, investments, and advancements to a significant portion of Egypt’s economy. A New Governmental Area, a cultural district, and several civilized neighborhoods are only a few of the sources of economic appeal that are emerging. The businesses and projects in each of these districts will be a major draw for workers of all stripes.

Transportation in New Capital:

To travel between the new cities, a train will be used. From the tenth of Ramadan, it will reach the Suez Road, then the Regional Ring Road, and finally New Capital.

Additionally, there is the suspended “Monorail” train, which is regarded as the most latest modern train operating on a single suspended track. It will begin at the stadium station in Nasr City. The regular train will depart from Al-Salam City’s Adly Mansour Station and go via the Ismailia Desert Road to the Regional Ring Road through Suez Road, where it will connect to the New Capital.

Institutions of government and housing in the New Capital:

The Presidency and Parliament, the Council of Ministers, ministries, the cultural center, and the Opera House will all have offices in the new capital. It will also house the Smart Village’s administrative offices and the Banking District. Additionally, this project will include about 50,000 dwelling units, 2,000 luxurious villas, 60 schools, and 8 universities in order to draw in more than 7,000,000 people.

Investment in housing in New Capital:

The residential investment has been given more than 20 feddans. Many Egyptians, Arabs, and foreigners have made investments in various regions. They made a 20% down payment and will pay the remaining 20% over the course of four years in installments.

New Capital’s airport:

The main structure has a 5,000 square meter footprint and has a 300 passenger per hour capacity. Additionally, it contains 45 buildings and a 50-meter-long air watchtower. It has a corridor that is 60 meters wide and 3,650 meters long. The airport is built to handle enormous E4 aircraft. Additionally, it will have 8 airport landing strips, 500 car parking spaces, and 20 bus parking spaces.

It has the most recent X-ray, international temperature control, insurance, and management systems. Charter aircraft can land at the airport.

The Central Bank of Egypt and the Egyptian Stock Exchange will have their respective headquarters in the city’s own financial district. The commercial and investment banks have been asked by the government to move their corporate headquarters to the Capital.

The most significant areas and Neighbourhoods :

The eight neighbourhoods listed below are the most crucial:

  • The ministerial district, the government district, the Al Sefarat District, and the Banks area (which will be spread by a large number of local and international banks)
  • District of Courts and Prosecution
  • The House of Representatives and the Council of Ministers
  • The Republican Guard area and the new presidential palace
  • Buildings for the Diamond Hotel, Smart Village, and Opera
  • In addition to the Foreign Capital Institution, a public university, the minister of higher education announced that there will be at least six more international universities from countries including the United States, Britain, Canada, Sweden, Bulgaria, and France.
  • It will cover 35 kilometers of green space surrounding the city center.
  • The city will have walking and cycling trails, horse riding rings, an aquapark for sailing and rowing, a floating forest, spectacular gardens, entertainment parks for mountain enthusiasts, and fitness tracks.

Universities in new capital:

  • a university with the name Canadian University in Egypt located in the new capital. It is the New Capital’s first international university.
  • Faculty members of the European Universities Complex include: (information technology, electronic biology, engineering, pharmacy, biotechnology, architectural design and urban planning, arts and humanities, business administration, economics, political science, and media).
  • Advanced research facilities in “biotechnology, renewable and atomic energy, agricultural and food sustainability, water, air, waste recycling, applications, stem cells, and gene therapy” can be found in the new capital’s City of Science and Innovation.
  • Hungarian University German International University of Applied Sciences (GIU)
  • Swedish College
  • Liverpool University
  • Industrial and structural design engineering as well as sustainable energy engineering will be offered by the new Canadian University and University of Prince Edward. Every year, the university will admit about 400 students from Egypt and other countries.
  • On 50 acres, American International University can house 21,000 students.
  • About 450 feddans are allotted by the University of Sinai, Canadian College, and Japanese University.

Schools in New Capital:

  • Schools and universities are being established within it, including 4 Japanese schools
  • There are now just 50 international and language schools in the New Capital, including 4 Japanese schools.
  • AFE (Africa First Education Company) intends to make significant expenditures in the construction of “Cadmus,” an international school, in the New Capital. The following enormous businesses started the company in 2018.
  • International Knowledge Company (IKC)
  • El-Bayan Educational Establishment
  • Anglo American for educational services
  • Egypt British International School
  • Manor House International Schools
  • Sisters of the Heart of Jesus
  • ICA
  • Egypt SBV Limited

Medical centers in new capital:

One of the most significant contemporary projects is the Medical City in the apital, which has 186 medical facilities and is outfitted with the best technology.

The project’s initial medical facility, Capital Care, is situated in the residential neighborhood’s core of the service area and contains four hospitals and 120 medical clinics.

The Al-Fattah Al-Alim Pharmacy.

Commercial malls:

The Aventra Mall is made up of two buildings, each with ten stories, and it has offices for business, government, and medicine in addition to a parking garage.

Fronting Ministries Street, one of the busiest and most bustling streets in the financial and business sector, is Paris Mall.

Midtown Center

The Walk Mall was one of the first shopping centres built there and is situated on the road connecting the Suez Road to the Green River in one of the greatest parts of the New Capital.

One of the biggest shopping centres there is Zaha Park Mall, which has 9 floors of commercial, office, and healthcare facilities.

here’s all of the top projects in new capital that you can choose what suits you the best:

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The Botanica Compound

It displays the most recent projects of the New Generation Company. Some consider Botanica to be the best residential compound in the New Capital because it is a high-end model in the seventh residential neighbourhood of the Capital, R7, Plot No. B2, the compound’s size is 23 acres, and it has a variety of residential units, including apartments, villas, duplexes, twin houses, and townhouses.

The Pukka Compound

An industry leader in real estate development, Egy-Master Real Estate Investment and Development Company, implemented the project, which was constructed on 40 acres. Some consider Pukka to be the best compound in the New Capital due to its unusual architectural design, excellent strategic location, and presence of a number of notable institutions. One of the elegant villas that come in various sizes to accommodate each client, and Pukka, the administrative centre, offers villas at reasonable costs.

the Bosco Compound

Given that it is an integrated residential complex with distinctive designs, excellent urban planning, and a variety of residential units on an area of 110 acres, and because the proportion of buildings in it is 20%, representing green spaces and utilities and 80%, Misr Italia offers the Vinci project, which some see as the best compound in the New Capital. A pioneer in the field of real estate development, Misr Italia has a strong track record of success, as seen by its work on the Bosco City project in Mostakbal Cit, the Italian neighbourhood in October, the Sila Compound in New Cairo, and the Italian neighbourhood in October.

Green Avenue Compound

The New Jersey Real Estate Investment and Development Company implemented the Green Avenue project, an upscale residential complex in the centre of the New Capital, as it had more than ten years of experience and had implemented more than forty projects, including residential buildings, villas, and shopping centres.

Project Scene Seven

The SceneSevens project is an integrated residential compound located within the New Capital on an area of 40 acres, the majority of which are green spaces. It was implemented by Akam Real Estate Company, which gained customers’ trust after the Scenario New Capital project was completed, and Inava Mall, a business using Egyptian-Saudi investments. The compound also includes units, including twin houses for sale in the New Capital, flats, and villas that vary in size and design to meet all tastes, from 25 branches throughout the world.

The Ramatan Compound

Ramatan Real Estate Development Company created one of the nicest compounds in the New Capital, the Ramatan Compound, which featured a classy collection of residential complexes. Some people can consider the Ramatan project to be the nicest compound in the capital because it is situated in the R8 neighbourhood on plot F1 and is accessible to all service areas and transportation in the New Capital. The Front Gate Mall, New capital, is located nearby the new Capital project.


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