The Most Important landmarks of New Capital

The Most Important landmarks of New Capital

The Most Important landmarks of New Capital

The Most Important Landmarks of New Capital One of the reasons why developers are interested in investing in lands in the New Capital is the good planning by the city. The city has placed important areas, such as hospitals and universities, in strategic locations around residential areas. This makes it easy for people to get what they need without having to travel long distances.

There are plenty of places to shop and go to work and for pleasure in the capital. The biggest attractions are the places where people go about their business and live their lives. One of the most important features of the capital is that it has many places to go.

 Iconic Tower New Capital:

The iconic tower is one of the new towers in the central business district that was built at a cost of about $3 billion.

  • It is a high-rise building with an area of 385 square meters, which includes commercial, administrative and hotel units.
  • We note that one of the most prominent information about the New Capital is that this iconic tower is the tallest tower in Africa. It was built by the Ministry of Housing represented by the New Urban Community Administration in cooperation with the Chinese Construction Company, which is one of the largest international contracting companies. The iconic tower was designed according to the latest international standards. .

Green River New capital:

The creative inspiration for the Green River comes from the Nile River that runs through Cairo from north to south. The Green River passes through the New Capital, extending over an area of 1,000 acres and a total length of 11 kilometers. To be the largest garden in the world, its area is three times the size of Hyde Park in London, and it will include a group of rare trees and plants, and the largest venue for events on an area of ​​10 acres.

Central Business Park:

The financial and commercial district is located in the heart of the New Capital, and its construction began in 2017, and it is located between the southern and northern axes of Bin Zayed, and its area is 195 acres.

  • The Chinese company CSCEC is responsible for the entire neighborhood. They help fund and operate things like schools, stores, and parks. They are one of the most famous companies in China, and they have helped achieve a lot of important things in other countries as well.
  • The financial district is where a lot of big companies and banks have their headquarters. It was built with investments of more than 3.4 billion dollars so that it can be a great place for companies and individuals from all over Egypt and the world.
  • There will be a lot of office and commercial buildings, as well as a few hotels.
  • The financial district is home to one of the tallest buildings in Africa, and is also the site of the central bank and a printing house for printing money.

Advantages of living in Central Business Park:

The architecture in this neighborhood is designed with luxury and sophistication in mind.
It is easy to reach because it is located in the heart of the New Capital, and the neighborhood is full of gardens and trees that make the air clean and healthy.

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Administrative Capital Park:

This refers to the Central Park project in New Capital, and according to the latest news of the New Capital, we found that the first phase will be opened at the end of this year, including a world-class entertainment area; It will be enjoyed. By people from all walks of life in Egypt.

As for the most prominent recreational facilities in the project, parks, green spaces, lakes, playgrounds, restaurants, cinemas, festival squares, walking and cycling paths, amusement parks, and spaces designated for the establishment of investment projects. future.

Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque:

Regarding the latest developments in the New capital of this famous landmark, we find that the Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque, which was inaugurated in January 2019 AD, is an Islamic-style sacred site located in the center. A regional road at the entrance to the capital. It is one of the largest mosques in the Arab region and the Middle East, with an area of about 250,000 square meters and a capacity for about 17,000 believers.

Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ

The Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ is the largest cathedral in the Middle East. It is located east of the fairgrounds and south of Central Park. It has two churches, function halls, baptismal rooms, and a control room.

Monorail New Capital:

The Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ is the largest cathedral in the Middle East. The building is located east of the fairgrounds and south of Central Park. It has two churches, function halls, a restroom, baptismal rooms, and a control room

New Capital electric station:

The new electric plant is unique in that it uses giant fans to cool the air instead of using water. It is located in a mountainous area, 42 km from Kattameya, on the Ain Sokhna Road.

The cost of establishing the New Capital power plant amounted to about two billion euros, with a capacity of 4,800 megawatts. This is to ensure that there is no power outage in the new capital.

City of Culture and Arts New capital:

The Bahrain Museum of Fine Arts is a place where you can find paintings, sculptures, and other arts. It is also home to an opera house and other theatres, as well as a mosque with a capacity of about 600 people.

Sports City New Capital:

Cairo International Stadium has already hosted some sporting competitions. The compound is located in the New Capital, east of New Cairo, on the borders of Badr City. It covers an area of 93 acres and includes 4 indoor halls, a 3 km track, 4 football fields, 10 five-a-side courts, a squash complex, and a tennis court complex. There is also a grounds, volleyball, basketball, beachball and other multi-use courts, a swimming pool complex and service buildings.

Egypt International Olympic City:

The Egyptian International Olympic City is a place where athletes from all over the world can compete in a variety of sports.
Built to the highest international standards, it houses sports fields and other facilities for all games.

It will be opened for major international sports tournaments in 2021. It will include four main stadiums, five-a-side courts, and a group games area containing volleyball courts, basketball courts, and multi-purpose courts.
To halls and halls of martial arts for people with special needs

The strategic state command center New Capital:

  • The State Strategic Command Center is a large building that houses the administration centers of state institutions. These centers help run important state institutions, such as schools, hospitals, and government offices.
  • The state’s strategic command center will have a center for controlling the republic’s communications network, in addition to other centers for controlling emergency services and weather forecasts.
  • The center will contain many warehouses for storing important resources, as well as residential and commercial buildings. There will also be hospitals, hotels and sports stadiums.
    The country’s strategic leadership center will include a data center containing all data about the country’s institutions.
    The Republican Guard works hard to make sure downtown is safe.
  • They are using other methods to keep everyone safe

Great Mosque of Egypt New capital:

The Grand Mosque in Egypt is one of the largest mosques in the world and can accommodate 107,000 worshipers. It is located in the heart of the government district in the New Capital. The area of the mosque is 19,100 square metres.

  • The New Capital includes many beautiful landmarks, including the mosque, which is located on the highest hill in the city.
  • The mosque is famous for its two minarets, 140 meters high.
  • The Grand Egyptian Mosque will contain a number of large halls for events, in addition to halls for memorizing the Qur’an for children, men and women. In addition, there are three commercial centers to serve visitors.
  • The Great Mosque of Egypt will have a funeral procession for state funerals. This motorcade will contain a multi-storey garage with a total capacity of 3,000 cars

City of knowledge New Capital:

The Ministry of Communications has built a city with the latest technology so that everyone can learn and grow. This city is located on a large area, and the ministry has invested 15 billion pounds in it.

The Most Important landmarks of New Capital

  • The city will provide training that will help prepare people for a future where they can contribute to building an advanced society. Knowledge City will house Misr Informatics University, the first specialized informatics university in Africa and the Middle East. The university will provide distinguished educational services. An agreement has been signed with Purdue University – West Lafayette, one of the best universities in the world when it comes to computer engineering.
  • The city will include research and innovation centers and a distinguished academy for people with special needs. These centers will provide jobs for 500,000 people.

Flagpole of The New Capital:

The tallest flagpole in the world is located in the New Capital, and its height is 191 meters. This is taller than the flagpole of Saudi Arabia, which was established in 2014 in the city of Jeddah.

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