Apartment 190m for sale Ramatan Compound

Apartment 190m for sale Ramatan Compound
Unit details

Apartment 190m for sale Ramatan Compound

Ramatan Compound

The property stands out from every other residential complex in the neighbourhood because to its excellent architecture. It is located in one of New Capital’s major neighbourhoods in the city’s centre, adjacent to a number of interesting places, and is reachable in a number of ways that we shall learn about in the next paragraphs.

The Location of Ramatan Compound:

The property, specifically plot number, is situated in New Capital’s eighth residential district (R8) (H1).

The Nearby places from Ramatan Compound:

  • The Parliament Building and Presidential Palace are also visible from the project.
  • Near the diplomatic district, embassy district, and other well-known capital areas including the ministries district.
  • The Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ, the Opera House, and the Egypt Mosque are all nearby.
  • It also has a view of the well-known Green River Park.
  • It is 10 minutes away from the Olympic City and close by.
  • The New Capital International Airport is 6 minutes away.
  • It is also close to a number of significant construction projects in New Capital, such as Uni Tower One, Elevado Tower, and Pagoda Mall.

Apartment 190m for sale Ramatan Compound

Property details:

  • Type: Apartment
  • Area (m²) 190
  • 3:Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms: 3
  • Level:7
  • Furnished No
  • Payment Option: Cash or installment
  • Delivery Date: 2024

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Facilities that allow to stand out:

  • Balcony
  • Security
  • Pool
  • Electricity Meter
  • Water Meter
  • Natural Gas
  • Landline
  • Elevator

Various services inside Ramatan Project New Capital:

  • A number of major restaurants and cafes offer a lot of excellent services in a quiet atmosphere.
  • A huge commercial area with a huge mall and large shopping areas for you to have a wonderful buying experience.
  • A children’s area with a large number of entertaining games.
  • A large paved walkway for residents to practice their favorite sports such as running, cycling, or even meditation.
  • Gardens and parks with beautiful flowers, including comfortable seating for a good amount of peace.
  • Large health center with gym, jacuzzi, spa, and other excellent recreational activities.
  • A huge mosque that can accommodate a large number of worshipers and is fully equipped to maintain the general health of the residents.
  • A number of electric elevators serve the residents and help them move between the different floors.
  • A garage designed to house a large group of cars and provide them with complete safety

What are the disadvantages of buying a property from the Ramatan New Capital:

An integrated project like the Ramatan New Capital project  makes it difficult to find disadvantages , there are several advantages to the city of the Ramatan, including the wide areas and the many types of units for sale that are available for all categories

spaces and types of units offered in Ramatan Compound New Capital:

The project is distinguished by a sizable area that enables it to accommodate several different units and a wide range of basic and leisure features. More over 20 acres, or 84,000 square metres, are said to make up the whole property.

This property has been separated into two sections. The first is the extensive greenery that covers the whole area and envelops the units on all sides, creating a relaxing and comfortable ambiance.

The real estate developer of Ramatan New Capital:

Ramatan Company is the real estate developer of El Naghy Consulting Engineering & Contracting was established in 2008, meaning that it has 12 years of experience in this field, since the first day, the company has been striving to have a great position in the Egyptian market, and this is evident from the projects it has undertaken.

The company’s various works are known for their elegance and beauty, and it also has several different fields in which it operates. It is a company for finishes, engineering consultancy, and urban construction as well.

The company has great credibility about its clients due to its commitment to the deadlines and finishes agreed upon with the client

The Previous Work of El Naghy Consulting Engineering & Contracting

  • Rihanna Residence 6th October City
  • Karnak Compound
  • Oasis Project Ismailia City
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