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Ramatan New Capital Compound
Ramatan New Capital Compound is one of the best projects in the New Capital. It is located in a very important and distinguished place, and its modern design makes you feel like you are in a more sophisticated and distinguished place. There are a lot of different units and spaces here, which makes it a great place to live.
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Ramatan New Capital Compound is one of the best projects in the New Capital. It is located in a very important and distinguished place, and its modern design makes you feel like you are in a more sophisticated and distinguished place. There are a lot of different units and spaces here, which makes it a great place to live.

Ramatan New Capital Compound

Ramatan New Capital Compound The Arabic term for Ramatan means “place,” and since it provides you with everything you could possibly want for a life of ease, luxury, and beauty, it is undoubtedly the location of your comfort and pleasure.

The project is distinguished by wonderful designs that set it apart from every other residential complex in the area. It is situated in the centre of New Capital in one of its major neighbourhoods, which is close to several distinct areas and can be accessed from several ways that we will learn about in the rest of the article.

Location of Ramatan New Capital Compound:

  • The compound is located in New Capital, within the eighth residential district (R8), especially in plot No. (H1).
  • The project overlooks the Presidential Palace and Parliament Building.
  • Close to the famous neighborhoods of the capital, including the ministries district, the embassy district, and the diplomatic district.
  • It is a short distance from Egypt Mosque, The Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ, and Opera House.
  • In addition, it overlooks the famous Green River Park.
  • It is close to the Olympic City and is 10 minutes away from it.
  • 6 minutes from the New Capital International Airport.
  • It is also not far from a number of major projects in New Capital, including Pagoda Mall, Elevado Tower, and Uni Tower One.
  • As well as being located within a large service area that provides direct benefit to its residents.

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Architectural Design and Strong Infrastructure in Ramatan New Capital:

The developer gave us a stunning technical symbol that was created in the high-end European style, which is distinguished by great quality and outstanding beauty. The property is a remarkable location with a charming multi-unit layout to satisfy every need.

  • The community was constructed in accordance with international safety and security standards, and as a result, it has a robust infrastructure that can support large buildings and constructions. It also offers the opportunity for a wide range of different facilities that provide comfort for the residents and raise their level of luxury and enjoyment.
  • The apartments’ beautiful views of the expansive green spaces and gorgeous water features allow you to unwind within your own home.
  • The complex is filled with many, sizable man-made lakes.
  • Swimming pools have many uses and come in a range of sizes to accommodate everyone.
  • The inside is beautifully designed, maintaining the opulent European style, and it minimizes spatial crowding to provide you the private areas you need.
  • A special location in the middle of the most affluent districts of New Capital, close to many easy access highways, and close to the various areas inside it so that you may enjoy a lot of its characteristics.

Services and Facilities inside Ramatan Project New Capital:

  • A number of major restaurants and cafes offer a lot of excellent services in a quiet atmosphere.
  • A huge commercial area with a huge mall and large shopping areas for you to have a wonderful buying experience.
  • A children’s area with a large number of entertaining games.
  • A large paved walkway for residents to practice their favorite sports such as running, cycling, or even meditation.
  • Gardens and parks with beautiful flowers, including comfortable seating for a good amount of peace.
  • Large health center with gym, jacuzzi, spa, and other excellent recreational activities.
  • A huge mosque that can accommodate a large number of worshipers and is fully equipped to maintain the general health of the residents.
  • A number of electric elevators serve the residents and help them move between the different floors.
  • A garage designed to house a large group of cars and provide them with complete safety

What are the disadvantages of buying a property from the Ramatan New Capital:

An integrated project like the Ramatan New Capital project  makes it difficult to find disadvantages , there are several advantages to the city of the Ramatan, including the wide areas and the many types of units for sale that are available for all categories

spaces and types of units offered in Ramatan Compound New Capital:

The project is distinguished by a sizable area that enables it to accommodate several different units and a wide range of basic and leisure features. More over 20 acres, or 84,000 square metres, are said to make up the whole property.

This property has been separated into two sections. The first is the extensive greenery that covers the whole area and envelops the units on all sides, creating a relaxing and comfortable ambiance.

Types offered within Ramatan New Capital:

The compound includes “residential apartments and independent villas” for sale:

  • The place includes about 24 buildings and more than 11 villas and a large commercial mall, and each building includes ground floor.
  • The space of the apartments in the project starts from 100 m² up to 190 m².
  • Inside the apartments, large rooms are ranging from two up to three rooms
  • The remaining portion, which is the smallest percentage, was given to units in order to prevent overcrowding of the project’s structures. Additionally, the space and kinds were varied to satisfy the needs of all clients, who had various preferences.

payment systems in Ramatan New Capital Compound:

The company that developed the project was keen to offer competitive prices that differ from the rest of the residential complexes in that area. Additionally, we provide payment methods and a variety of convenient services so you may easily and quickly obtain your unique unit.

  • The price per square meter in the compound starts from 12,800 EGP, and it is considered the best in the capital.
  • The price of apartments in the project, which contains two rooms, starts from 1,400,000 EGP.
  • As for apartments with three large rooms, the price starts from 2,102,500 EGP.

Payment plan inside Ramatan Compound New Capital:

  • The first plan: the customer can pay 10% of the unit value and pay the rest of the price over 6 years.
  • The second plan: Paying 15% of the total unit price, then the rest of the amount is paid over 7 years.
  • The third plan: the customer pays 20% of the unit value and pays the rest in installments for 8 full years.
  • Units are delivered with a full finishing system.
  • Delivery takes place after three years from the date of contracting

The real estate developer of Ramatan New Capital:

Ramatan Real Estate Developer is the develover of Ramatan New Capital Compound with El Naghy Consulting Engineering & Contracting was established in 2008, meaning that it has 12 years of experience in this field, since the first day, the company has been striving to have a great position in the Egyptian market, and this is evident from the projects it has undertaken.

  • The company’s various works are known for their elegance and beauty, and it also has several different fields in which it operates. It is a company for finishes, engineering consultancy, and urban construction as well.
  • The company has great credibility about its clients due to its commitment to the deadlines and finishes agreed upon with the client

The Previous work of El Naghy Consulting Engineering & Contracting :

  • Rihanna Residence 6th October City
  • Karnak Compound
  • Oasis Project Ismailia City
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