Clinic 44m for sale Green River New Capital

44 M²
Clinic 44m for sale Green River New Capital
Unit details
floor 1
receiving date 2026
Payment systems 10% down payment and installments up to 8 years without interest
Finishing type fully finished
Space 44
Payment method Cash or Installments

Clinic 44m for sale, Green River New Capital

Green River New capital

Clinic 44m for sale, Green River, New Capital, Green River New Capital is a huge medical building overlooking the Green River. It provides medical units, clinics, and radiology centers at the highest level, and is located in a strategic location. This is the capital’s first major medical building and is sure to provide residents with much-needed medical care.

Location of Green River New Capital:

Green River Medical Compound is located in a very important part of the New Capital. It is in a very prime location, next to Amal Axis, which is a major health and medical center. It also has a wonderful view of some of the most important investment and commercial projects and administrative buildings in the city.

Places near Green River, New Capital:

  • Green River Compound is located near the Green River and Axis of Hope.
  • The project overlooks the iconic tower, the tallest tower in Africa, and 20 skyscrapers
  • The mall is located near the Sports City and Smart City, the most important international universities in the capital.
  • The project is about 25 minutes away from New Cairo by car.
  • The airport is about half an hour away.

Clinic 44m for sale Green River New Capital

Details of a 44m clinic for sale Green River New Capital

  • Unit type: clinic for sale
  • Clinic area for sale: 44 sqm
  • first floor
  • Finishing type: fully finished
  • Payment method: 10% down payment and installments over 7 years
  • Receipt date: 2026

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Design and spaces of Green River New Capital:

Green River is designed by MBG according to internationally recognized standards, such as ISO and WHO. The mall also took into account the importance of the best construction and design companies, as well as the necessity of paying close attention to the small details. The mall has two floors, an underground garage, and eight upper floors.

  • First floor: where there are commercial areas to serve the medical building on the first floor.
  • The second floor: where the medical units and many of the best clinics in New Capital are located.
  • The last floor: where the hotel apartments are located. There is a smoking area and meeting rooms on this floor.

Prices of Green River New Capital :

The prices of medical units in Green River Compound in the New Capital are very affordable compared to the high prices and terrible service provided by the company, as well as the payment systems that the company facilitates for investors and specialists. purchase units. The price per meter for the medical units starts from only 33 thousand pounds, and the maintenance deposit is only 10 Egyptian pounds.

Available services in Green River New capital:

The project units will provide many services and facilities that will make it easier for investors and patients. This means that the project will be successful, as evidenced by the fact that these services are represented by the letters A, B and C:

  • Green River, the new capital, has an electronic application for booking patient rooms.
  • The mall has smart building systems such as the electrical system, firefighting, air conditioning and lighting.
  • There are entrances and elevators for doctors and patients in Green River.
  • There is a reception and call center service.
  • At River Green IT Center, Wi-Fi Internet is central.
  • When booking units in Green River Mall, you will find special systems for sterilization and disinfection.
  • The Green River Doctors Access Card allows doctors to enter the mall without having to show their ID.
  • Private meeting rooms are available in the lounge.
  • There is a VIP lounge where important people can relax and unwind.
  • Elevators in Green River New Capital are great for moving around quickly.
  • There is also a medical tourism motel with a spa, gym and swimming pool
  • Restaurant, smoking area and meeting rooms.
  • There are many cafes and restaurants in Green River, New capital.

The real estate developer of Green River, New capital:

Master Builder Group MBG is the real estate developer of Green River, New capital, in partnership with the Capital Construction Company (MCC).

In this project, the company sought the assistance of the engineering and executive consultant EHAF, who supervised such large medical projects as Magdi Yacoub Hospital, the National Cancer Institute, King Abdullah Medical City in Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Khalifa Medical City and Cleveland Clinics in the Emirates.

Previous projects of MBG:

  • Pukka Compound, the new capital
  • White 14 Tower Mall, New Capital
  • Sunset Compound in Ras El Bar.
  • Al Safa Mall.
  • Al-Ula City in Mansoura.
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