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Hilton Green River, the New Capital.

Hilton Green River

There is a golden opportunity for investors in administrative, commercial and hotel units, as the Hilton Green River project, the new capital, is scheduled to be launched in the Tourist Towers area. This is in partnership with one of the world’s most famous hotels, the Hilton Group, so you shouldn’t miss this opportunity.


Hilton New Capital location

The Hilton Green River project is unique in that it is the first international hotel in the tourist towers area and is located near one of the most important areas in Dubai, which is the downtown area. This location makes it an important asset to the Hilton Mall project.


Nearby attractions

  • Overlooking the Green River
  • It is close to the Bin Zayed axis and other projects in the New capital, such as the Two Tower Mall and the Golden Tower.
  • It is minutes away from Masjid Misr, the presidential district, and the government district.
  • Hilton, the new capital, is minutes away from the first monorail station


Design of the Hilton Green River New Capital project

The Hilton Green River project is located in the New capital, and it has an ideal space for using all spaces professionally. The total area of the project is 14 thousand square meters, and it is divided into 25 floors. The first floor is used for offices, the second floor is used for hotel, the third floor is used for conference center, the fourth floor is used for mall, the fifth floor is used for a restaurant, the sixth floor is used for shopping mall, the seventh floor is used for office tower, the eighth floor is used for medical center, and the ninth floor is used for housing.

The area of ​​the hotel in Hilton Green Mall is 4000 square meters. The units and administrative offices space starts from 30 square meters up to 60 square meters. The available space for hotel units and apartments is 60 square meters.

The ground and first floors of the mall have been allocated to commercial tenants. The second to ninth floors have been allocated from the administrative units to offices. The hotel units are allocated from the ninth floor to the twenty-fifth floor.


Hilton Green River Tower New Capital services

Green River Mall is an exciting new development that will provide customers with a variety of services and facilities to enjoy. With a wide range of entertainment options, as well as luxurious amenities, the mall is sure to delight everyone who visits it.


Hilton Green River Mall, the New capital, includes parking lots and secure parking spaces so that investors and unit owners can easily park their cars. The mall also contains panoramic elevators and escalators that facilitate movement between the mall floors. The project is managed by the latest technological systems that provide a smooth and comfortable experience for those in the project. The mall includes cafes and restaurants at the highest level, offering delicious food and drinks to visitors and unit owners. The Hilton Green River New capital project includes the most famous international brands, as it provides customers and visitors with everything they need.


Hilton Green River New capital is a commercial center that provides a variety of amenities for unit owners and visitors, including high-speed internet, central air conditioning, spa and jacuzzi services, children’s area, meeting rooms, and security and guard services. It also contains a large number of ATMs, meeting rooms, and fire extinguishing systems. In addition, the mall provides medical services at the highest level, and clean energy sources through solar panels.

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Top features

The Hilton Green River New capital contains all the features that investors are looking for, from large details to small details. This was done because Modon Real Estate Development Company was keen to make the Hilton Green River New Capital project one of the best malls in the New capital ever. You can see the ingenuity in the choices made for this project, which includes a variety of shops and restaurants.


It is under the management of the Hilton Group, which specializes in managing international hotels. The project is masterfully designed to satisfy discerning clients. Modon Real Estate Development Company has achieved wide and varied areas to satisfy the different tastes of customers. The company achieved the difficult equation by providing a package of unparalleled competitive prices and meeting the different needs of customers. Hilton Green River New capital is located in the downtown area of the city, which is one of the most important investment areas in the New capital. Due to the vital location enjoyed by the Hilton Green River New Capital project, it is within walking distance from the most important vital areas, including the Green River, Al Masa Hotel, the government and diplomatic district, the ministries district, and the monorail station. , Central Park, and other important areas.


About Modon Real Estate Development Company

Modon Real Estate Development has extensive experience in the field of real estate development, as it was established as a Kuwaiti-Egyptian partnership in 1980 with a value of 10 billion pounds. Today, the company continues to thrive in high-quality projects, with plans to invest EGP 3 billion in New capital projects in the New capital of Egypt.



The Hilton Group is a large private company that owns a wide range of hotels and resorts around the world. Recently, it created the Hilton New Capital project, in partnership with another large private company. This project is considered one of the largest and most important projects of the Hilton Group in recent years. The project is designed to increase the number of hotel units owned by the group worldwide.


Installment and payment systems

Modon Real Estate project offers some of the most advantageous payment systems available, without paying any interest. In addition, the down payment for units for sale in Hilton Green River Mall is the lowest among all the neighborhoods of the New capital. The company is keen to make it easier for investors to purchase units in the project. The reservation and installment process at Hilton Green River begins with a 10% down payment, with installments over 10 years in equal, interest-free installments.

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