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De Joya 3 New Capital

De Joya 3 Compound is one of the latest projects of Taj Misr, so if you prefer fun and luxury, book some of the most luxurious residential units in the Executive Capital

One of the strengths of De Joya 3 is its modern and elegant design, with well-divided interior units to make the most of the space.

De Joya 3 Compound is characterized by a high degree of security, as there is a large wall with a height of 3 meters, and the nearest building to the wall is 18 square meters, and the compound is full of surveillance cameras to ensure safety.

Location of De Joya 3 New Capital

Dejoya 3 Compound is also located near a large park (Green River), and De Joya project is located a 3-minute drive from the Executive Capital Airport

De Joya is located in the seventh residential district R7 on plot E1. Next to many other compounds such as The Capital Way Compound, New  Capital, and near The Loft New Capital Compound

De Joya 3 Compound is located in a very privileged location, close to the diplomatic quarter and the Presidential Palace. It is also located near the ministries area and Green River Park De Joya project is only 3 minutes away from the International New Capital Airport

Space and design of De Joya 3 New Capital

Taj Misr Development Company designed the compound with the highest standards of accuracy, in an effort to make De Joya 3 a huge residential complex. The method of De Joya 3 Compound is a testimony to the company’s mastery and efficiency, in addition to its enjoyment of all units. From the perspective of green spaces, they provide customers with psychological comfort and achieve customer happiness

De Joya 3 space is one of the elements of the success of the project, as Taj Misr Real Estate Development Company has launched the project on a huge area of 33 acres, which helps it to offer various residential units to provide customers with the opportunity to choose, and help it offer everything from basic to entertainment. Customers feel comfortable that most of the space, 81% of the total, is allocated to services.

It also contains duplexes, penthouses, and garden apartments for sale in the Executive Capital, ranging in size from 172 m² up to 313 m². There are fences and gates to isolate them from the outside world, which provides tranquility to the residents.

The Executing Company of De Joya 3 New Capital

Taj Misr Development Company is responsible for developing Djoya 3 Compound, which is now known as the New Capital. This company always strives to bring new and innovative ideas to the world, and its other projects are designed to help people grow and prosper. The company worked with a group of experts in the field of infrastructure and architecture designs.

 Taj Misr Real Estate Development Company Projects

Taj Misr Real Estate is a very successful company that has done many projects in Egypt and other Arab countries. These projects have made it very popular, and it has a good reputation in the real estate industry. Some of the most famous projects of Taj Misr are mentioned below.This interpretation shows that Taj Misr is a company with great experience and success, and that its projects have been well received by investors. It also explains why the company is so popular and respected in the real estate community.

There are two main capitals in the country: De Joya 1 Compound and De Joya 2 Compound. The new capital will be located in De Joya 3 Compound. There are a few shopping malls in the country, including De Joya Mall 2 and Taj Tower Mall New Capital. . De Joya 1 Mall is a new shopping mall in New Cairo. Diyar General Intelligence Compound is a building in New Cairo owned by the Armed Forces.23 buildings in the first residential area of the New Capital are owned by the Armed Forces. Implementation of a commercial, residential, administrative tower on Al Falah Street in Mohandessin. Implementation of a commercial, administrative and residential tower on Hegaz Street in Mohandessin. The Social Club for Workers is located in New Cairo.15 residential towers owned by the Urban Communities Authority.

Taj Arab Republic of Egypt Real Estate Foundation has presented many economic projects throughout    the regions of the Arab Republic of Egypt, and one of the most important projects

  • Compound De Joya 3 New Capital
  • Compound De Joya 1 New Capital
  • De Joya 1 Mall New Capital
  • Compound De Joya2 New Capital
  • De Joya 2 Mall New Capital
  • Implementation of a commercial, administrative, residential tower in Al Falah Street, Mohandessin.
  •  TAG Tower Mall New Capital
  • Azdan Mall New Capital
  • 23 buildings belonging to the armed forces in the first residential district of the Capital.
  • Social Club for Employees in New Cairo.
  • A residential tower belonging to the Urban Communities Authority.
  • Implementation of a commercial, administrative and residential tower in Hegaz Street, Mohandessin.
  • Diyar General Intelligence Compound in New Cairo

There are also projects of the company in the State of Qatar:

Construction of Panasonic Tower.

Al-Attiyah Tower.

Shurum Hyundai Motor Company.

Implementation of Al Markhiya Mall.

Al-Saliya Tower.

Space and design of De Joya 3 New Capital

Taj Misr Development Company designed De Joya 3 Compound with the highest standards of accuracy in an effort to make it a huge residential building for everyone to enjoy. They not only focused on the exterior of the building, but also took into account the interior units, which made the complex successful.They also took care of the surrounding green spaces, providing psychological comfort to residents and delighting customers.

De Joya 3 project is successful because it was built on a large area of land by Taj Misr for Developments. This helped people find homes of different sizes, and also provided services such as basic needs, entertainment, and security.

De Joya is a large complex with apartments, duplexes and penthouses. It has a portal so it’s like a private community. Some apartments are larger than others, but everyone who lives there gets the same kind of tranquility and privacy.

Prices of Units in De Joya 3 New Capital:

Taj Misr offers a variety of price packages to suit different customers. The price per square meter for De Joya 3 units in the New Capital starts from 12,500 EGP. Taj Misr for Real Estate Development is pleased to offer payment plans to all its customers. Inland monitors all real estate marketing processes to ensure that everyone has a chance to get the units they want.

The first plan: with a 10% down payment, a 10% down payment, and equal payments over 7 years.

Second plan: 15% down payment, 10% receipt payment, and equal payments over 7 years.

Plan 3: 10% down payment. 10% receipt payment after three years. 11% in installments for the first 3 years. and equal payments over 7 years.

Fourth plan: 15% down payment. 10% receipt payment after three years, 10% in installments for the first 3 years per year, and equal payments over 7 years.

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