Pagoda Business Tower New Capital

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Pagoda Business Tower New Capital
Acadia Real Estate Development Company announced the launch of a new project in the Central Business District. It is called the Pagoda Mall project, and it will include an administrative tower and a commercial building. The company is also planning to purchase a plot of land inside MU7, in front of the iconic tower
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Acadia Real Estate Development Company announced the launch of a new project in the Central Business District. It is called the Pagoda Mall project, and it will include an administrative tower and a commercial building. The company is also planning to purchase a plot of land inside MU7, in front of the iconic tower

The Pagoda Business Tower

Akadia is launching its second project in the capital, Pagoda Business Tower Mall. This new capital will provide companies and investors from around the world with the necessary resources and services they need to succeed. It is a highly competitive business center with high return on investment potential

Akadia Real Estate Development Company launched its latest project in Pagoda Tower, the New Capital, within the Central Business District (CBD), just minutes away from the iconic tower. A large land has been allocated for the project with an area of 3100 meters, with a construction rate of only 30%. Provided that the remaining space for recreational services within the tower, green spaces and various landscapes

The Pagoda Business Tower arrived in the New Capital, with a floor and 14 floors containing commercial and administrative units of varying sizes, to accommodate many different investment activities. The company also provided facilities on all payment methods in proportion to different budgets up to 14 years.


Pagoda Business Tower New Capital location

Akadia Real Estate Development Company has chosen the central business district as the starting point for Pagoda Tower. The project was distinguished by its facade that overlooks three axes and a main square, so the entire project has open facades. Pagoda Business Complex is located precisely in the most exclusive plot of land directly facing the famous tower.


The most important places near the tower

• The Pagoda Tower is located near the Opera House, the New Capital, and the famous tower
• It is also close to Pagoda Mall, which is half an hour’s drive from the New Capital Airport.
• There is a short distance between it and the residential neighborhoods and the Axis of Hope.
• It is located near many well-known shopping centers and towers in the capital, such as Paavo Mall

Pagoda Business Tower New Capital design

The designers at Akadia Real Estate Development Company wanted to make the design of the Pagoda Tower one of the best designs, because it has an open view and consists of administrative and commercial units, in addition to being on the ground floor. It has thirteen floors, all with multiple facades.

The ground floor is for commercial units, while the first and second floors are for administrative units. 3rd floor to 13th floor for garages. There are three floors underground for car parking


The area of ​​the units of the Pagoda Mall, the new capital

The design of Pagoda Tower Mall, New Capital, was in line with its allocated area – a large area of ​​2144 square meters. Most of this is dedicated to green spaces, so we found that the building percentage is only thirty percent of the land area. Units space starts from 20 square meters


Payment systems

You will find a smart reservation system that will make it easier for you to achieve your dream of ensuring successful investment projects without the hassle of paying large sums. The reservation and installment system for Pagoda Tower units features competitive amenities such as:

  • 10% down payment and the rest in equal installments over 6 years.
  • 15% down payment and the rest in equal installments over 7 years.
  • 20% down payment and the rest in equal installments over 8 years.
  • 25% down payment and the rest in equal installments over 9 years.


Pagoda Mall services

The Mall Pagoda Tower in the New Capital has a wealth of integrated services and facilities that meet the needs of both basic business and leisure seekers. From technological advancements to luxury amenities, it’s all here for investors
• The New Capital Mall has been designed with the latest alarm and fire protection systems
• In addition to an effective system of air conditioning and air filtration
• The mall includes a number of conference rooms and halls ideal for receiving VIPs
• In addition to a tightly controlled camera system.
• In addition, the mall features a group of panoramic elevators and escalators to facilitate the movement of visitors and unit owners between floors
• In addition to a sufficient number of ATMs and electricity generators in case of power outages.
• Regular maintenance is also carried out in the Pagoda Business Tower with the latest technology, including all parts of the mall.
• Finally, the mall features glass facades that allow the entry of light and noise, while using solar energy to preserve the environment


Features of Pagoda Tower

Pagoda Mall Tower is the administrative center of the capital, offering a wide range of services, including commercial and administrative spaces. It is a very competitive market, with prices starting at a competitive level and repayable over a period of up to 14 years.

Disadvantages of Pagoda Tower:

An integrated project like Pagoda Tower makes it difficult to find faults. Pagoda Tower has several advantages, including the wide spaces and the many types of units for sale, which are available for all categories.

Types of units finishing within the pagoda business tower

Super Lux administrative units will come with air conditioners and brushes, managed by one of the most powerful management companies in the Middle East. One of the most important features of the shops in Bogada Business Tower is that they have contracted with the most powerful brands

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The real estate developer of Pagoda Tower

Akadia Developments is a company that has been able to compete with major companies for many years because it relies on careful planning, experience and study when implementing any project. For the implementation of the Pagoda Tower, Akadia sought the help of the most powerful engineering consultant in the field, which is Engineer Yasser El-Beltagy. El-Beltagy has implemented more than 1,020 projects inside and outside Egypt, so he is particularly qualified to assist in this project.

Pagoda Mall is currently expanding its business by contracting with international brands. This step is expected to provide great returns for all investors, making it the company’s second successful project after its initial success in the New Capital. Pagoda Mall is looking for outside investments to help it expand its business. It has contacted the largest management companies in the Middle East and hopes to sign contracts with international brands to provide this return on investment to all its investors.

Some of Akadia’s most successful real estate projects include developing new neighborhoods, constructing new buildings, and renovating existing properties. Akadia’s track record shows that it is a reliable and experienced real estate developer that can deliver quality projects.

  • Pagoda Mall New Capital project
  • Several housing projects in the Fifth Settlement area.
  • Executing a wide range of real estate in Andalusia.
  • Establishing several housing projects in Al-Shorouk and Al-Lotus areas

Information about the pagoda business tower mall

• The land area is 3100 square meters, in addition to 13.
• Allocate 30% of the land (1353 square meters) for buildings.
• The project is located on three axes, and the main street passes through the center.
• Pagoda Mall is located on three corners of the plaza.
• The entire project has open views. The project is located in front of the high towers area, which is a distinctive part of the city.

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