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Double Two Tower , The New Capital
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Double Two Tower, the New Capital

Double Two Tower

Built in the New Capital, Double Two Towers Mall is a very upscale and luxurious mall, ideal for anyone looking to achieve success in the field of real estate.

Double Two Towers Mall is in the heart of the Capital, close to some of the most important landmarks and neighborhoods of the city. The mall has a huge area that can accommodate a variety of services and stunning views. In addition, the mall contains different units with various areas. 

Double Two Towers Mall has lower prices than most other malls and is flexible with payment options. In addition to that, there are a lot of other features included in the mall which we wrote about in this article 


The location of Double Two Towers Mall, the new capital 


Nakheel Real Estate Company has chosen a prime location for its second project in the New Capital, in front of the iconic tower. It is close to a lot of important places in the capital, including 4 main streets and a lot of important businesses. 

The project is close to a monorail station. 

Double Two Tower is the new capital, and it has a wonderful view of the tallest tower in Africa and Egypt. The tower is close to the Green River, which gives you beautiful views of the units. In addition, it is close to the Chinese Zodiac and the City of Knowledge  

Nearby areas 

Double Two Towers Mall is located near important places, such as the capital. This makes it a great place to shop. 

Monorail Central Station is nearby, and it is about 2 km from Sports City. There is also the City of Arts and Culture nearby, just a few hundred meters away. You can view the iconic tower from here, which is only 700 meters away.   

It is located near Knowledge City and Ministries District 


Double Two Tower project space 

Al Nakheel Real Estate Company has allocated an area of 9,000 square meters for the establishment of its distinguished project, Double Two Towers. They divided it into two parts, each with its own name and motto. 

A building with two glass towers connected by an elegant corridor is being erected. Each tower has a ground floor and a 22nd floor. The parking garage is located at the bottom of each tower, and it has four floors underground. The building area does not exceed 45% of the total project area. 

Green spaces and water bodies will get a lot of the remaining space. 

Units spaces in Double Two Towers Mall 

Double Two Towers Mall contains different spaces for different purposes, such as commercial units, administrative offices, and hotel units. 

There are different spaces available in Double Two Towers Mall, depending on what you need. For example, administrative offices are 35 square meters. But if you need a larger space, you can try to look for an office in one of the commercial units in the tower, which can be as large as 30 square meters. And if you are looking for a place to stay, the hotel units offer an area of 50 square meters 


Services and features of Double Two Towers Mall, the capital 

It offers a wide variety of services, not just the basic ones. It contains many entertainment options, which we will explain in detail 

  • The mall is always protected by security personnel who are on duty 24 hours a day. They use cameras to view the mall from all angles, and they have a solar power system to help keep it pollution-free. 
  • The mall is trying to create underground parking so people don’t have to park on the street. It is monitored throughout the day so it can be cleaned, and there are places for smokers and drinkers. There are also ATMs so people can do their banking with ease. Finally, the mall has better reception halls with better service.  
  • Double Two Towers Mall has different escalators for each floor so that people can move up and down easily. There are also green areas throughout the mall so that people can feel relaxed and comfortable. There are also dancing fountains, crystal lakes, and wonderful divisions of landscaping, so the mall looks very beautiful and calm. The mall has a smart lighting system that helps keep people’s eyes healthy. 
  • The mall has a maintenance team that cleans and sterilizes the units, provides food and drink, and maintains the security system. It also has an area with famous restaurants and cafes, and a central air conditioning system. 
  • There is a special area for children to play in. It has a lot of fun activities and games for them to enjoy. 

Installment systems for Double Two Towers Mall 

Al-Nakheel Real Estate Company has investigated the payment systems of some of the largest real estate development companies in the New Capital, and has found that we can offer better deals to attract more clients. We do this by allowing them to pay using our payment system. 

The customer pays 5% of the total price in advance and the rest in equal installments over 5 years. If the customer wants to pay 10% down payment, he can do that and the rest of the amount will be paid in 6 equal installments. 

To reserve a place in Double Two Towers Mall, you need to pay 15% of the total price. This will lead to the reservation of the place and the rest of the money will be paid over a period of 7 years. You can also pay 20% of the total price and installments over 8 years. Paying 25% of the total price will reserve the place and pay the rest over 9 years. Or you can pay 40% of the total price and installments over 10 years. 

You will pay 40% of the total unit price in advance, and the rest over 3 and a half years. You will get 40% off the unit price right away, and you will not have to pay any interest on the money you pay. 


About Al Nakheel Company, the real estate developer of the Double Two Towers project 

Al Nakheel Real Estate Company is responsible for the twin towers project, which was established in 2005 AD in the United Arab Emirates. This project is considered one of the best projects in the Arab world when it comes to real estate development, and in a very short time it has become one of the most important companies in this field. 

The company expanded to create a new company specialized in various business fields. 

The company has been operating for more than fifteen years, and has a proven track record in creating innovative projects in Egypt. This has given it a competitive edge in the real estate market, and it has recently started construction projects in other countries as well. 

The company entered a partnership with the luxury hotel management company “Time” in order to handle all hotel services. This company operates some of the world’s most luxurious hotels 


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