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Details about V MALL New Capital:

The Sak Real Estate Company constructed the enormous The V Mall New Capital in the seventh district R7 of the Administrative Capital, which consists of a variety of units in the administrative, medical, commercial, and hotel sectors of diverse proportions.

The V Mall New Capital provides you with an excellent opportunity to invest in the center of the New Capital, to reserve a unit in your own project amidst the environment and green spaces, in addition to the availability of studios and hotel apartments in the mall on the last floors.

In order to construct its project in the best parts of the Administrative Capital, which is anticipated to serve as the future interface for investment in Egypt, the firm that controls The V New Capital was determined to select a crucial position.

At addition to providing spaces for amenities, services, and green areas that surround the building, it has also given enough space for facilities in The V Mall.

Owning a unit inside the V mall new capital is a golden opportunity for investment that is irreplaceable because it includes a variety of units in different sizes to suit everyone’s needs and purchasing abilities.

The V Mall New Capital project’s innovative and appealing designs are combined with services so that clients do not need to leave the building to find anything.

All of these benefits and more can be found inside The V Mall New Capital, but the unit costs are unbeatable compared to others because the cost per square meter is among the lowest in the area.

Developer of The V MALL

The V Mall complex, which offers all residential, medical, administrative, and commercial units in a contemporary, opulent style with a distinctive architectural design, is a comprehensive and integrated complex.

SAK Real Estate has established The V mall new capital in the seventh district with a total investment of EGP 300 mn.

The company is a joint cooperation between three leaders with experience in the field of real estate, namely the consultant Ali Al-Shahat, Engineer Samih Al-Kishawi, and Engineer Qadri Al-Ghitani.

SAK collaborated with ANISTA to manage the mall’s entire facilities.

The SAK Real Estate Company, which has more than 35 years of experience in the real estate industry, designed the V project. The company also has a number of partners, including engineers Samih Tawfiq, who serves as CEO of one of the companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Ali Al-Shahat and Qadri Al-Ghitani, both of whom are highly skilled in the field of real estate development.

The Sueno Compound in the New Administrative Capital is one of the many projects the business has offered, along with other notable projects like:

Early Tower.

Saudi Arabia’s Wafi Complex.

Elite Medical Building

Hotel near Mansoura Stadium.

The advantages of the units of the compound in the New Capital:

  • Many qualities and services define The Compound’s units in the Administrative Capital, including:
  • 24-hour tight security system.
  • children’s recreation area
  • For meetings, there are private spaces.
  • garage with the most automobile parking spaces.
  • There are areas for cycling and running as well.
  • modern display screens
  • beautiful-shaped water fountains.
  • household garden
  • independent structures with an outlook.
  • cafes and restaurants with excellent service.
  • modern tools for putting out fires.
  • The building is surrounded by greenery.
  • solar power technology.
  • central air conditioning for the floors of the building.


The location of V Mall in the New Capital:

One of the key locations in the New Capital is where The V Mall is situated. It is on Green Valley Street, in the residential area R7, close to the Opera House, Al-Massa Hotel, and the diplomatic district, and it has a distinctive view of the Sueno Residential Compound.

It has a distinctive architectural style because each unit can be seen differently thanks to the building’s V-shape, which was professionally designed.

In order to satisfy each of its customers, the V Mall also provides a variety of real estate, office space, and retail establishments on various sites at the most affordable prices.

The seventh residential district of the New Capital R7 is where the V Mall New Capital is situated, and it is close to the following locations:

The Diplomatic Quarter, the Embassy Complex, and The V are all within a few minutes of each other in The V New Capital.

Fairgrounds: The fairgrounds are also pretty close by (Expo).

Two main axes: The V Mall has a direct view of two main axes, the first of which is the university axis and measures 80 square meters in width, and the second of which is the tourist walkway and measures 40 square meters in width.

Opera House: It only takes a few minutes to walk from the mall to the Cairo Opera House.

The well-known Al Masa Hotel is next to the V mall new capital.

Russian University: The client has to shift from him to the Russian university in a short amount of time.

Green River: The Green Valley, which runs along the New Capital, is a little away from it.

Compounds: It is situated next to a number of illustrious compounds, including Sueno New Capital, in The V Mall New Capital.

The Space of V Mall:

The V Mall is situated on a 7,500 square meter plot of land, and the marketing value of investments in it is estimated to be around 300 million Egyptian pounds. The service buildings are situated on a plot of land measuring 3,000 square meters, while the remaining space is estimated to be 4,500 square meters. The mall is divided into the following sections:

a floor with business apartments on the ground level (28 commercial units).

For administrative and medical units, the first and second floors are used (58 administrative units).

For hotel housing, go to the third floor (35 housing units).

There is a unique rooftop Sky lounge with a beautiful outlook included.

The mall is created in the contemporary style of international malls, and the units start at 54 square meters in size.

The prices of the compound in the new capital

The V complex is priced differently depending on the size of the administrative offices and retail spaces, which range from 58 square meters to 153 square meters and 74 square meters to 89 square meters, respectively.

Administrative offices for sale in the compound in the new administrative capital

The Complex in the New Capital has administrative offices for sale with floorspaces ranging from 58 square meters to 153 square meters.

Payment systems for The Complex in the New Capital:

The Complex in the New Capital has a variety of payment methods, and the unit’s initial instalments are paid after one year of contracting. Additionally, most systems come with discounts, and payment methods include:

10% down payment and the balance paid over the course of 8 years in instalments.

15% down payment and the balance paid over the course of 10 instalments.

25% down payment and the balance paid over the course of 9 years in installments.


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