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Onyx Tower New Capital Onyx Tower New Capital Onyx Tower New Capital Onyx Tower New Capital Onyx Tower New Capital Onyx Tower New Capital
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ONYX Tower New Capital

ONYX Tower

Doja Real Estate announced that it is about to launch a new capital project called The Onyx Tower. This new mall is located at the eastern entrance to the city center, and it will have the best prices, payment systems, and installments in the capital. You can book your unit in the mall now to make sure that you get the best property investment in town


Onyx Tower location in the capital

  • The Onyx New Capital project overlooks three main facades. It is close to some government buildings and important companies, in addition to some of the most prestigious residential areas in the New Capital.
  • it’s just a few minutes away from some beautiful places. You can visit Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque, the Cathedral, the Opera House, the New Capital Airport, gold markets, banks, as well as embassies and technology markets.
  • The Onyx Tower project is a wonderful project for investment because it provides many valuable services and benefits.
  • Onyx Mall is located in a separate area from Masjid Masr, which is about half an hour from New Capital Airport. Onyx Mall Tower is located next to the Petroleum Sector area and the famous People’s Square. The project is also close to the monorail station, about 20 minutes away.
  • Onyx Tower is located near the government district, prime minister’s office, ministries and parliament. It is also close to important projects in the New Capital, such as G3 Mall and Cowan Tower

ONYX Tower mall design

The mall is a modern and distinctive shopping destination in the New Capital, and it also includes a number of offices and medical facilities. Onyx Doja project is under construction, it will include a ground floor of 10 main floors, and each floor will have different commercial areas


The area of Onyx Mall, the New Capital

Onyx Doja Mall, the New Capital, was built on a large area. However, only 30% of the mall’s area has been allocated to buildings and constructions, in order to allow as much space as possible for open green spaces and stunning views. This adds beauty and splendor to the engineering creativity of Onyx Mall, the New Capital.


The space of the units in this project is 30 square meters. The project is divided into ten floors in addition to the ground floor. Commercial units start from the ground floor and reach the second floor. Administrative offices and medical clinics are on the third floor, and the fourth floor has hotel rooms. The fifth floor has technical units, and the sixth floor has more commercial units. On the seventh floor, there are more administrative offices, and on the eighth floor, there are additional hotel rooms. The ninth floor has more artist units, and the tenth floor has the administrative offices for the project

Services and features of Onyx Tower Mall

A 7-star hotel in the Onyx project, the New Capital, equipped with security devices and fire extinguishers that operate 24 hours a day and are said to be of the highest quality.


  • The mall contains a variety of restaurants and cafes from world-famous brands, in addition to wide green spaces to relax in. There are also artificial lakes that create stunning landscapes. The mall has a variety of swimming pools that are suitable for all ages, and there is a special pool for children.


  • Onyx Mall contains a variety of international brands, in addition to an electric elevator for children. People with special needs. The mall also relies on the solar energy system to be a clean and renewable source of energy in the event of a power outage. Finally, there is a panoramic elevator that allows visitors to enjoy the inner atmosphere of the mall while going up to the upper floors.


  • Onyx Mall is a conference center and meeting rooms equipped with the latest technology and amenities to make hosting a conference or meeting easy. There is also a gymnasium with the latest equipment, a spa and jacuzzi, and a children’s area with games suitable for all ages.


  • The electronic gates in the mall are the best in the world. The world, and a high-quality and effective sound system. A large space has been allocated for the garage to avoid crowding, and all the various commercial, administrative and medical units are located close to each other so that prices are one of the biggest advantages of the ONYX New Capital project


Features of ONYX Tower

Onyx Mall offers a variety of features that distinguish it from other malls in Egypt. The building is equipped with solar panels that help manage the devices in the mall and reduce the price of utilities. In addition, the mall is located in the capital, which provides an advantage in terms of profit margins.


Disadvantages of the Onyx Tower project

There are pros and cons to each project, and the measures people take to evaluate them can vary. One person may find a flaw in the project, while another person may not. The New Capital is not far from the Onyx Tower, which is located in the New Capital, thanks to the construction of new roads and various transportation options.


The company that owns the tower is Doja Real Estate Company

Doja Real Estate Company is the owner of the Onyx Tower project, a well-known company known for its many previous works in the field of real estate development. It is also known for its presence in the field of software technology engineering


Former DOJA Developments projects

  • Aurora New Capital, Aurora New Capital.
  • X Business Complex New Capital Mall.
  • Mansoura and Delta towers.
  • Apartments and villas of Al-Andalus, Al-Jasmine, Al-Watan House and Al-Lotus.

Doja used to deal at one point with DRE as an exclusive marketer.



Installment systems within ONYX New Capital

Doja is distinguished by its unique design, as it provides convenient payment and installment systems for all investors. In addition, the project is luxurious and modern, which makes it a great investment.


The monthly installment system allows you to pay for your unit over a period of months. This system is great if you want to spread out your payments, or if you need time to save money. The annual installment system allows you to pay for your unit over a period of years. This system is ideal if you want to pay for your unit at once


You can pay 10% down payment and the rest of the purchase price over 6 years in equal installments

Or you can pay 15% down payment and the rest of the purchase price over 7 years in equal installments.

You can pay the total price of the unit, provided that you make a 20% down payment and the rest of the price over 10 years.

The first installment will be two years after the contract date.

Your unit can be reserved with a 40% down payment and the rest of the unit price over seven years, with the first installment after three years.

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